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First and foremost, I'm proud to be Asian! Filipiino, to be exact. And in case you were wondering which language I use for my Picorese in my fics, you need not second-guess anymore! I'm bilingual, you see. Mabuhay! ♥

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Not that I don't appreciate having friends around me, it's just that I appreciate the value of true friendship! :aww: *cheesybuttruedontshootme*

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There are some people who are just not meant for each other. Trust me, I've learned from experience, and I've accepted that. Although... just being a fake friend is a lot more different.

I hate fake friends stamp by hmc03

As part of my code of honour, it's not in my nature to backstab and spread gossips. But remember, it's harder to make friends and easier to make enemies.

I'm Christian and I'm not afraid to say it. I grew up in a Christian family. But you know what? I won't hate you if you have different beliefs or interests. I'm not going to force my beliefs on you since we are all granted with free will. However, I'd appreciate it if you respect my beliefs and decision to be a Christian, as well as my interests. :)

I'm also raised a Franciscan! I love St. Francis of Assissi! He's the patron Saint of ecology. I believe he's a huge factor for making me a nature-lover. :aww:

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A friend of mine once told me, "Religion creates walls, while faith builds bridges."

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Speaking of friends, meet my best friend!
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I'm a fairly girly girl, though I guess I'm a classified gamer! :D
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Ummmm yes.
To be alone stamp by Infernal-Feline
As much as I do enjoy company, I'm one of those people who want to balance talking and being alone. Sometimes silence and being alone just gives me enough time to think over and calm myself down.

And please.
"Critique" stamp by Keira-Blacktalon
I mean it in the nicest way. As I said earlier, we all have our interests and differences. Thank you for understanding. :)

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While I AM open to ideas and opinions, please don't expect me to actually draw or write what you want. It is my art after all, so it's my own way of voicing out. I would encourage you try doing what you want, no matter how hard it may seem, because that's what makes us grow as artists AND as persons. :)

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I believe the stamps speak for themselves.
Please be patient if ever I don't reply right away, rest assured I check all my messages in time.

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I believe it's inevitable to judge one another, but try your best not to and don't tear each other apart because of differences. Remember that an individual is an individual; not a blind sheep with no free will. It's one of the ways to lead a peaceful life in my honest opinion. :)


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Hello there, everyone! :wave:

Welcome to my page and I would be really grateful you would
take time to appreciate my art. I really wouldn't ask much, but
please do NOT steal my art. If ever you may want to use my art for
any purposes, please notify me and tell me why you would
want to use it. :thanks:

And just another little thing, it is only common courtesy that we
respect each other so if I may just ask that we do so, everything
will go better for us. Voicing out thoughts and opinions is one
thing, but just being plain rude is another. We have our own
beliefs and opinions, and let us just honour that. :)


Please feel free to comment or fave on anything. I may not be able
to respond to all my messages, but rest assured, you will
always have my gratitude.

I also apologise if ever there are circumstances of wrong replies
and such, as I'm only human. I will do my best to not do such things though.

Thank you for understanding.

Just to let you know, every act of support is greatly appreciated,
as it encourages me to get better and improve myself. :aww:

I'll be more than glad to take any feedback so that I'll be better on
my art next time. I cannot say for sure that my art is perfect...
and I admit there are a lot more people who are better than
me in this field. :)


Other than that, please feel free to view my page. Thanks for
visiting! :thanks:





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Updates plus dreams about a couple of life ruiners

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 20, 2014, 9:17 AM

Feels like Rin freakin Matsuoka right about now lol seriously
But at last I think I can finally say I feel "free"! A few updates!

I've been getting a horrible art block lately, and getting my Heliosphere group picture CORRUPTED was just horrible I think it took out the last of my actual art juice
I mean really
I didn't even feel like crying?? I was just left staring there.
Some friends helped me feel better, and so did drinking a lot of tea. I had no idea tea had that wonderful soothing effect when you drink at least two cups straight

I saved a few sketches thankfully, but all I have were those pictures I had in the last journal. I'll have to start from there
Was I ever thankful I posted WIPs! If I didn't oh my gosh
Just ugh

I think I'm actually scouting for that Sei cosplay I was talking about in the other journal. That guy is adorable aaaaa
Oh and
I had the best dream, it was about Koujaku.

It's this guy:

Actual fictional husband

So what happened was uhhh idk, in my dream it was weird. I think I was supposed to be having adventures with Koujaku. I'm not sure if I was myself, or if I was in Aoba's shoes. Or in his jacket! I think I was wearing his jacket.

Aoba. Hey look it's that guy that Vaati cosplayed

So there, in one part of the dream I was running away from someone (not sure who) and climbing up some metal ladders and platforms with Koujaku. I was ahead of him and then we saw some trains from beneath the metal platforms. He told me to jump on one, then he'll also jump on one.

I did! Then he jumped on a different train too, but it's weird that the trains weren't even on rail tracks! Were they even trains, I wonder? They were long vehicles. By that time it looked like I was a spectator

Then Koujaku and Aoba were surfing on trackless trains.

That slithered on like white snakes. Or caterpillars? They were kinda slow for trains...

I'm pretty sure I'm missing something in this dream

I'm not sure about the other parts of the dream... I'm not sure if he was there, but I do know I was in a dark chapel with some people I recognised as family and friends. It felt like there was a blackout, and some were drinking coffee and eating some quick snacks... it felt kinda creepy because that's what it feels like when people attend a funeral.

I remember I was looking for a bathroom? Huh, idk. All I remember was everything was dark.

In my other dream (some weeks ago I guess), I remember that the Free! boys were wearing their uniform and there was this HUGE pool that looked like umm

An olympic-sized swimming pool that has a waterfall end to it. I think some of them were actually ROWING IN THE POOL
why are there canoes in the swimming pool

What I do remember is that they were afraid to get wet because they were gonna be late for school and they were already looking good for school


I distinctly remember Makoto's worried face haha what a cutie!

Anyways back to this other dream I just had about Koujaku...

What I reaaaally loved in the dream was when I saw him and I'm like OH MY GOSH THERE HE IS
Aoba wasn't there, but he seemed like he was with other people he wasn't talking with.

Naturally, I ran up to him and asked him if I can hug him. Strangely? He was AWKWARD. Koujaku, aren't you a chickboy tho lol

When I'd try to hug him, he'd try to block me a la martial arts. Why
Why Koujaku
I was mad with him and threw tantrums. I'm not sure how, but eventually I got him to open up to the idea of hugging him.

I'm sorry I'm a fangirling weeb here but srsly I love that dream so much he was so adorbs but really awkward what a dork. I'm thinking if I was myself or I was Aoba because I think it looked like I was wearing his silly jacket but at the same time I felt too short to be Aoba

It was the actual uhh second time I saw a character so involved in the dream

First time was the dream I had with Noiz, but all he did was stare at me with THIS poker face:

Noiz I was trying to be very noiz to you

Not even sure if that was the first time he appeared in my dream. Does hugging bunnies to sleep summon the green rabbit prince?

Ughhhh this game ruined my life
It really did
And now I'm seriously planning for that Sei cosplay. I hope it's ready by the next con haha

So as for Heliosphere, I'm still looking for research material. Even after all the stuff I've looked up, I still need some more to make an actual story. I've seen a lot of material for Earth, Mars, the Moon... and for now I'll also look up Mercury and Venus. Venus looks like an interesting planet to look up!

Did you know that she spins clockwise, whereas all the others spin counter-clockwise? Uranus is an oddball and people are still debating which one's his north and south pole; some say that he rotates clockwise like Venus though.

They say that Venus spins clockwise veeeeeeeeeeeeery slowly, because she's an upside-down planet! I couldn't believe it either, but it's a possibility! I'm looking more into that so I can see what people's opinions about it are.

For my Plants vs Zombies gijinka project hmmmmmmm
I DO have a few chapters done by now, but I'm still finding some time and getting rid of art/writer's block so it would be better. I want to be able to upload both art and story
By now I have a solid grasp of the actual plot, but I still have to work on the delivery. Hopefully I'll be able to write about it more sometime!

Graphics by tyleramato
CSS by moonfreak
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A few updates and a few DRAMAtical rambles

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 15, 2014, 10:21 AM

Okay so, I just finished some WIP sketches and I wanted to share them here:

child plz

child plz i am much taller than you

cronus is a guy they swear

meimei is not a midget uhuhu

I swear these guys are getting older as I draw them. I won't be surprised if Jupiter turns Schwarzenegger (I HOPE NOT)

There's the height difference! You know, when I was working on this I was made extra aware how short I really am.

Cronus is 5'11" but Jove still towers him at an impressive 6'5"
Helios is 6'3", Hermesio is 5'1", and everyone towers over little Meimei who is not a midget at 4'10". Although, Mei isn't that short...

There are moons that are shorter than him. Phoe is about 4'6" and Demi 4'5".

Well then, working with height charts should help me work on their proportions better! I hope I get them right.


I just finished playing DMMd (though I missed a few bad endings) so I know the story by now. There's this guy I saw while playing that I REAAAAALLY really wanna cosplay

What can I Sei he's a real cutie

He's girlier than I am

And that's saying a lot

That up there is Sei and idk I can't really talk much about him since he's full of spoilers. But what I can say is he's really really cute! Even the main character himself complemented on him looking like a doll and I do fancy doll-like characters so I hope that someday I can cosplay him.

Hmmmmmmm... DMMd game is gay as heck but the anime is I guess pretty okay from what I've heard (I haven't watched it yet though)
About the gayest thing that happened there is Noiz kissing Aoba, but I think that's about it?? And it's not even that bad really, so it's kinda okay.

Yeaaaaahhhh I still feel a bit iffy talking about it to just anyone since it's rated for mature audiences above 18 >.<
I just feel awkward talking about it to people a lot younger than me

But no really, I'd recommend it if it weren't for the "scenes" they included. It has an in-depth story with beautiful art and characters. Take your pick; childhood friend? Cute dorks? Stoic rabbits? Wife-beating Snow White Tarzans? Even vacuoles who have Marik Ishtar as their hair stylist are there, really.

Oh and if you guys don't know who Noiz is, it's this guy

Take a closer look at his design again


With an appetite to match. He's wonderful <3 but I'd think he's my literal polar opposite. Really. I think my top fav is still Koujaku (the guy in the red kimono) but Noiz is pretty interesting too! Actually everyone's interesting in their own ways!

But really, it's this guy who invaded my dreams more than once, I think?? Him and his freakin Rhyme.

What I can remember is we were sitting side by side on the floor with a wall behind us, and I was singing "Sunao ni Naretara" to him while he just stared at me with that poker face. Then I leave, and I think that's when I wake up.

Freakin rabbit.

Didn't even come after me. He just sat there and stared while I took my leave.

Here we see a very rare Pokemon/animal hybrid we call the Zubbit. It loves feeding on takoyaki, but its main diet consists of home-delivered pizza and pasta.

Okayyy! That about ends my DRAMAtical rambles. I'm still in Tumblr and I post a few DMMd stuff there every now and then, but I also post miscellaneous stuff.

Rest assured my blog will always stay SFW! I'm a DMMd fan, but not exactly of all the NSFW stuff. There's more to the game than just that, really. ^^; it's actually what surprised me in a good way.

I'll also be reblogging things like space, maybe some bunnies and cats here and there! But I'm not exactly too active, sometimes I just drop by there and check things out haha

Alright then; have a nice day! I'll leave you with this uhh, silly DMMd comic down here (originally posted in Tumblr; may put it up as a deviation sometime).

Graphics by tyleramato
CSS by moonfreak
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Tagged twice

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 9, 2014, 12:06 PM

Well lately I've been a bit busy with school and thinking about stuff; I wanna resume Heliosphere sometime again! I just need a couple more ideas and I still have no idea how to design those Uranian moons.

Been playing DMMd lately, still haven't completed it, and all I gotta say is
Clear why *gross sobbing*
Koujaku you loyal ladykiller *slaps him silly*
Noiz you stupid. FREAKIN. Rabbit.

Really my fav is still Koujaku. Idk why but I feel attached to him in a way that when I choose other routes and I have to ignore him so I don't end up in his route, I feel horrible
but I love all the guys anyways

Noiz appeared in my dreams more than once though, I'd think. All I know is that in one of my dreams I dreamt we were sitting side by side on the floor and I was singing to him while all he did was stare at me. Noiz why

Maybe it's a bunny connection. He IS a rabbit prince after all :P

Somehow I wish this was a friendship game like idk friendship like Free! or something. It'd still be cute and it probably won't change the way I see it.

I wouldn't recommend this for people younger than 18 though >.< I actually feel pretty awkward talking about it knowing that I have many watchers who are younger than 18. Just careful since it has a lot of NSFW content and well, gore, violence, and various trigger warnings. I can handle it since I focus on the story proper more but I can't say that I don't feel awkward about at least 40% of the game.

Anyways, I was tagged twice so I'll answer them haha they feel nice. Feel free to get tagged! They're pretty fun memes.


Hetalia character meme!
Tagged by Makoto :iconlexiepotter:

Axis Powers

North Italy (Feliciano Vargas)
[x]You were bullied a lot in your childhood. (yeaaaaah heh)
[x]You adore pasta, pizza, cheese, and fruit. (YUMMY stop that I'm hungry)
[/]You’re very happy-go-lucky. (depends)
[ ]You constantly have a dozy look on your face as if you’re always away with the fairies.
[ ]You have a long curly strand of hair that always tends to stick up. 
[x]You’re a good artist. (Ohoho)
[x]You can be clumsy at times. 
[x]You have a friend you always depend upon if you mess up something. (*glares at Makoto*)
[ ]If your life was in danger, you would do the typical Italian thing and say: “PLEASE DON’T KILL ME! I HAVE RELATIVES IN YOUR COUNTRY!”
[ ]You would surrender in a war situation. (As if. Heh)

Germany (Ludwig Beilschmidt)
[/]You’re very stoic and serious. (Uhhhh depends)
[ ]Sausages are your favourite foods.
[ ]You like to walk your dog.
[ ]Your boss/principal/tutor/home-room teacher is a nut-case.
[ ]You love rules and think they should always be followed to a T.
[/]You think the world would be better if everyone played by the rules. (rules of morals probably yes)
[ ]You work very hard. (Sometimes, depends. On some art pieces hahaa)
[x]Your alone time is your ‘happy time’. (yus)
[x]You can appear tough but be very considerate towards people.
[/] You’ve had issues with money once or twice.

Japan (Kiku Honda)
[/]You’re very mature. (some elders say so haha)
[/]You think everything over before saying it.
[x]You believe in ghosts but aren’t phased by the experience when you see one. (no get away from me)
[/]You isolated yourself during childhood. (Welllllll not totally but I wasn't actually always social)
[ ]You became very successful in a short amount of time. (I WISH??)
[/]You are somewhat inexperienced when it comes to the outside world.
[x]You can seem cold/aloof to other people.
[ ]You’re good at practical tasks.
[x] You need time to adjust to new people.

The Allied Forces

The United States of America (Alfred F. Jones)
[x]You love hamburgers. (I'M CRAVING FOR ONW RIGHT ABOUT NOW)
[/]You think you’re awesome. (a little self esteem never hurts /shot)
[/]You love to invent things.
[x]You love going to the cinema/watching films/making films. 
[ ]You can seem to be very brash to other people.
[x]You have a tendency to stick your nose into other peoples’ business. (Weeeelllllll)
[x]You’re terrified of ghosts.
[x]You know aliens exist. (dude I love looking at potential extraterrestrial life!)
[ ]You tend to wear a bomber jacket all the time.
[ ]You wear glasses.

The United Kingdom of England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland (Arthur Kirkland)
[x]You like tea. (yes)
[x]You were quite tough as a kid. (Why yes just ask Makoto I'm a big meanie)
[x]You’re very sarcastic and cynical. (Pfft)
[ ]Your cooking is awful. (I tried cooking once and it tasted good)
[x]You love spiritual magical stuff, such as fairies, ghosts… (Yesss haha)
[ ]…But you refuse to believe in aliens. (no)
[ ]You have tried doing black magic before.
[ ]You get drunk quite easily. (Nope I do not drink)
[ ]When you are drunk, you tend to be very unhappy.
[x]You’re good at embroidery.
(5/10) shoot I'm not Iggy enough but I swear I relate to him on a spiritual level

France (Francis Bonnefoy)
[x]You’re very affectionate.
[x]You think you have a great fashion sense.
[ ]You like wine. 
[ ]You’re the master of whispering romantic things into peoples’ ears. (da frik)
[x]You love red roses.
[ ]When it comes to l’amour, you don’t mind men or women. 
[/]You’re very proud of yourself.
[x]You love culture and the arts.
[/]You’re very flamboyant.
[ ]You say you’re a gourmet .

Russia (Ivan Braginski)
[ ]You had a very sad childhood. (Eh not too sad I'm pretty okay)
[x]You have a tendency to switch between personalities.
[ ]You wear a scarf all the time. (too hot in the Philippines)
[x]You love sunflowers. (where's the peashooter)
[ ]You love vodka.
[x]You can seem intimidating to other people.
[ ]You’re very strong.
[x]You have a big nose. (for my race yes. it usually stands out)
[/]You have a strange laugh that can scare people. (eeeehhhhh when it echoes they say it's creepy)

China (Wang Yao)
[/]You’re very mature.
[x]You’re very superstitious.
[/]You’re very religious.
[x]You love pandas.
[ ]You love cooking so much that you nag if food has a certain pattern of tastes.
[/]You love Hello Kitty.
[ ]You try to be a role-model for your brothers/sisters/whatever, but are never taken seriously.
[/]You work hard.
[x]You’re good at drawing. 
[x]You like sweets.

Austria (Roderich Edelstein)
[x]You are very well-raised.
[x]You’re polite. (Why not)
[x]You love classical music. (Yeah but I listen to pop/rock by default)
[x]You like cake.
[x]You have a mole on your face. (Very well-hidden though)
[x]You dedicate your time to your hobbies rather than what needs to be done right away. (frik)
[ ]You are a virtuoso/play very well on at least one instrument. (Mayonnaise)
[/]You’ve composed music before. (I wouldn't call it composing though lol)
[ ]You tend to call people ‘morons’. (Nah I'd prefer "idiots")
[ ]You wear glasses.

Canada (Matthew Williams)
[/]You’re often ignored by people. (soooometimes. Back then. Depends on the people I'm with)
[x]You look younger than you actually are. (a bunch of 16 year olds remarked I'm 14 when I'm in my twenties by now)
[ ]You love hockey. (huh we don't have that here)
[x]You love polar bears.
[x]You hate fighting. (Yeah not a big fan of it especially when unnecessary and utterly idiotic, pointless, and pathetic)
[ ]You have one strand of curly hair, like Italy. 
[/]You often get mistaken for someone else.
[ ]You feel under-appreciated.
[x]You’re bilingual. 
[ ]You always carry a bear with you.

[ ]You smoke.
[ ]You’re very physically strong.
[ ]You’ve won a lot of fist-fights.
[ ]In your social circle, there are two brothers - you get along with one, but not with the other.
[x]You have very strong emotions about a variety of topics.
[ ]You like hot weather. (no I want cold weather please)
[x]You can be very friendly from time to time.
[/]You look very tough on the outside.
[/]You make a very nice role-model. (idk?? Do I?? haha)
[ ]You don’t let people get a word in edgeways.

Hungary (Elizaveta Hédeváry)
[x]You have a potty-mouth. (Uhhhhhhhh not in public nope it's impolite)
[x]You like to wear flowers in your hair. (If I could! Makes me feel like a pixie princess <3)
[x]You used to be a very tough kid.
[x]You’re very reliable.
[x]It’s better to have you as a friend rather than an enemy.
[x]You’re very faithful.
[ ]Your speech and mannerisms can be considered very unladylike. (I... don't know, some people remarked me as ladylike and demure)
[x]You and your best friend go together like chalk and cheese. (we're pretty different but also similar haha)
[/]You are graceful one moment and grinning like a maniac the next.
[ ]If someone yells that yaoi is going on somewhere, you will drop everything to run off to go and see it. 

Lithuania (Toris Lorinaitis)
[x]You’re very loyal.
[ ]You feel like your best friend drags you around a lot, but you both have a great time together. (psh)
[x]You’re very serious. (When needed be)
[x]You have a lot of patience. (A lot…)
[/]You think too much about philosophical stuff.
[/]You get depressed when questioning the point of existing/the universe, etc.
[ ]You’re not very confident.
[/]You were quite rebellious as a child.
[ ]People tend to walk all over you.
[x]You’re a born worrier.

Poland (Feliks Lucasiewocz)
[x]You’re very flamboyant.
[/]You’re quite hyperactive.
[/]You can be quite goofy.(DURRHURRHURRRRRR)
[x]When you’re depressed, you tend to rise out of it like a phoenix. (it takes a LOOOONG time though. And I srsly need help from others I can't do it alone)
[x]You’re very wary of strangers. (awawawawaaaaa)
[x]It takes you ages to come out of your shell.
[x]However, when you’re used to someone, you’re very chatty.
[/]You’re very forceful and stand at one end of the argument when it comes to your opinions. (sooooometimes but I'd prefer an open argument)
[x]You love pansies and corn-poppies. (freakin love flowers)
[/]You get up to lots of crazy antics. (errrrr sometimes??)
(8/10) freakin Poland

Prussia (Gilbert Beillschmidt)
[ ]You’re quite mean-spirited.
[ ]You’re a bit of a hooligan.
[x]You’re very loyal.
[ ]You’re very good at tactics.
[ ]You hate Russia.
[ ]You love to fight people.
[ ]You can avoid marriages quite well.
[x]You’re not always taken seriously. 
[ ]You like drinking.
[x]You want to become stronger.

Spain (Antonio Fernandez Carriedo)
[/]You are clueless about things around you. (uhhh sometimes)
[x]You favor the taste of fresh tomatoes. (it's yummy I ate some fresh tomatoes during my Hetalia phase)
[/]You’re very responsible.
[x]You tend to dramatize over things a lot. (AHAHAHAHAHAHA)
[/]You love churros. (I'm craving for one right now)
[x]You help people in crisis.
[x]You are quite random.
[x]Somehow, you like bananas. (Dipped in chocolate plz)
[x]You often offer food to people. (Uhhhh sometimes if I feel like I'm not gonna have food shortage)
[ ]You have a sort of unhealthy obsession over a couple of brothers.

South Italy (Lovino Vargas)
[x]You tend to overreact a lot.
[x]You like to order people around.
[ ]You’re a scaredy-cat.
[x]You curse a lot.
[/]You go drama depressed when people ignore you. (Plz don't)
[/]You tend to blush easily. (Uhhhhh depends)
[x]You are lazy like hell. (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA uhuhuuuu)
[x]You love tomatoes a lot.
[ ]You fix yourself on stupid matters.
[x]You get defensive at the slightest comment. 

lol it's perfect bff got Lithuania this is too perfect I knew it


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how dare you
nah it's okay I like getting tagged every once in a while haha~


- You must posts these rules.
- Each person has to share 10 things about them
- Answer the 10 questions asked to --you and invent 10 questions the people you tag will have to answer.
- Choose 10 people and put their icons on your journal
- Go to their page to inform them they are tagged.
Not something like " you are tagged if you read that" You have to legitimately tag 10 people (idk I don't feel like tagging sorry)

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10 things about me
1. I'm a bunny with a keyboard.
2. I may be older and shorter than you think (wat)
3. Space geek!
4. Bilingual! Speaking in English at nakakasalita rin ng Filipino haha
5. I love makeup! But I love using it in a way that it looks natural.
6. Self-proclaimed ulzzang.
7. I love tea!
8. My hair is pretty long by now haha
9. Friendship is life
10. Tries to look doll-like as natural as possible and thankfully it's yielding some positive results hahaaa

1) Favourite Anime/Manga? :) (Smile)
Uhhhh that's hard. I like Saint Oniisan as manga, but I know I have a lot other manga I like. I also love Free! I swear I love how they showed the value of friendship there.

2) Favourite songs? (That's right, i said 'Songs' XD)
Hmmmm that's kinda hard. I love Sunao ni Naretara, sometimes I end up listening to game OSTs like DMMd or something similar. Sometimes anime OST like I'm listening to Hetalia right now haha

3) Fave animal?

4) Fave game?
Why must all the questions be hard how dare you
I don't really play much these days to be honest. Right now I fancy DMMd but I love games like Soulcalibur, SSB series, some racing games, some rhythm games like DDR and Cytus, sometimes even Mortal Kombat or indie games like Yume Nikki and its fan games

5) What's your favourite pokemon and why?
Eh not really into Pokemon but I have a lot of Pikachu plushies. In my childhood I've always had a love-hate relationship with Pikachu but I ended up having a collection of Pikachus I'd sometimes bring around with me in my younger years

6) Give me a list of your fears :) (Smile)
Well if you must know I'm pretty claustrophobic. Just the thought of getting stuck in a closed space, even when presented as comedy, scares me to no end! Kinda on the arachnophobic side too; I couldn't explain how I just feel like freezing or freaking out when I see a big spider nearby

7) What do you love to draw the most?
Hmmm. It depends on my mood, but if I must categorise it I love drawing pretty boys the most
Pretty much 90% of what I draw are boys prettier than I am

8) Are you as addicted to quizzes as i am? XD
Depends on the quiz! I'd prefer quizzes that actually relate to actual situations. But yeah they're pretty fun.


10) I had a pet bunny once, but he died. :P (Lick)
I'm so sorry to hear that, dear. I'm sure he's happy wherever he is now. :(
I've had a few bunnies die too but I guess c'est la vie. They can't be immortal and the least bunnies can be given is the time of their lives before they gotta go up to that big bunny heaven where pellets and bunny bonbons are abundant.


Okay that's two tags and I don't know if I'l do other tags ain't gonna jinx it. Time to dream of planets shouting at each other or rabbit princes  making fun of red sparrows or singing jellyfish

  • Mood: Content
  • Listening to: Space ships songs and Marukaite Chikyuu

My accounts!

:iconrubcheeksplz:Ruffly Heart Icon [FREE] by socksyyBow and Ruffles Banner by socksyyRuffly Heart Icon [FREE] by socksyy

Okay! So here are my current accounts!


Well, my fics are uploaded here and in, so I don't get to update much in really. Just a heads up!

Tumblr's pretty much an active account! It's not an art-exclusive account though. I have reblogs, art, and even RPs, so you can say it's an all-in-one account.

What to expect from this art page?

:iconsweethugplz:Ruffly Heart Icon [FREE] by socksyyBow and Ruffles Banner by socksyyRuffly Heart Icon [FREE] by socksyy

Now this is where I talk about what my art page is all about, really!

Things you can expect from me:

♡ cute
♡ fanfics
♡ drawings/ WIP

Occassionally these come up though

♡ horror/gore/thriller
♡ angst

So you can say I naturally love cute stuff but as much as I love them I also LOVE horror. Psychological, to be precise; but I have a preference for Asian horror.

Multi-fandom page.

OC Universe backgrounds!

:iconkissingplz:Ruffly Heart Icon [FREE] by socksyyBow and Ruffles Banner by socksyyRuffly Heart Icon [FREE] by socksyy

OCs folder:…

My OCs! I decided I'd put some short background on the OCs I've made thus far:

- my adaptation of the Alice books: Wonderland and Looking-Glass. Yes, I've READ both books and researched on some facts, so you can expect some book-based references. This of course, comes with classic characters involved such as the Gryphon, the Lion and the Unicorn, the Mock Turtle, the Mouse, and some already well-known characters like Alice, White Rabbit, the Tweedle twins, the Mad Tea Party members, and the different royalties involved.

♡ S.A.N.D.Y.
- my four artist OCs belong here; this title is not actually final yet. This is a detective-themed title, with Angel Young as the main leading detective. A young detective with great potential, he faces many challenges ahead... as well as new friends and rivals. Monsieur Aria, the head of their firm, is directly mentoring him to be the best there is. As his mentor is loved by all for his extreme kindness towards everyone, he is somewhat envied upon but nonetheless respected.
Now he must face the reality ahead. Crimes, broken friendships and trust, death, tainted innocence... his strength will surely be tested.

♡ Sanzo's Tales
- This is an old project of mine, and definitely one of the more serious projects. The theme is Christianity, but will be somewhat (but not entirely based) on the famous "Journey to the West". Vincenzo, a young priest-in-training, meets his fated protectors along the way as they find their true purposes in life. And as he is a big fan of the classic tale, he describes their meeting and situation as somewhat similar and decides to call them by their counterparts in the tale. The tale involves humans and dragons, and the main theme is friendship and trust.

♡ Teen's life

A somewhat direct sequel to Sanzo's Tales, this deals mostly with the aftermath of his quest. As he is still a normal person with needs, he resides in a quiet life in his house... with a nephew. His cousin had to migrate to another country and so his nephew was left to him in order to continue his studies in the Philippines. Isaac, his nephew, is a quiet young man but can be quite the rebel once he doesn't see things fit. And the twist is: he is the religion teacher of his nephew's class.
Now the bond of the two will be tested. Vincenzo and his new quiet life, and Isaac with his struggles as a young middle-schooler. They will meet new friends along the way as well as new trials.

[PLANET GIJINKA] Who do you like the most? (link to planet list in first comment) 

16 deviants said ♇ Meiosei (Pluto)
4 deviants said ♄ Cronus (Saturn)
4 deviants said ⛢ Yuri (Uranus)
2 deviants said ☉ Emperor Helios (Sun)
2 deviants said ♁ Terrius (Earth)
2 deviants said ♃ Jove (Jupiter)
1 deviant said ☿ Hermesio (Mercury)
1 deviant said ♀ Venus
1 deviant said ♂ Ares (Mars)
No deviants said ♆ Kaiosei (Neptune)



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