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Give life to my page with these theme songs!

✿ . 。o ~Sugarless ♡ GiRL~ o 。. ✿

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Gwiyomi Song Hari (하리) - 귀요미송 (Kwiyomi Song Cutie Song)

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[Cytus] - Future World (short version)

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:PHflag: by PinkBurst Proud to be Pinoy by madcoffee Proud To Be Filipino Stamp by Crystal-Artist Proud To Be Asian Stamp by Crystal-Artist

First and foremost, I'm proud to be Asian! Filipiino, to be exact. And in case you were wondering which language I use for my Picorese in my fics, you need not second-guess anymore! I'm bilingual, you see. Mabuhay! ♥

Be Nice Stamp by Mirz123 Writer Working Stamp by Mirz123 Artist Working Stamp by Mirz123 Stand Up - Stand Alone Stamp by Mirz123 Rain-Rainbow Stamp by Mirz123

Not that I don't appreciate having friends around me, it's just that I appreciate the value of true friendship! :aww: *cheesybuttruedontshootme*

True Friendship... Stamp by mylastel Best Friends Can See It by mylastel [STAMP] Best Friends by Emfen Around Friends Stamp by SparkLum Life Without Friends Stamp by ladieoffical Real Friends Stamp by Mirz123 My friends support me stamp by Synfull I support my friends stamp by Synfull

There are some people who are just not meant for each other. Trust me, I've learned from experience, and I've accepted that. Although... just being a fake friend is a lot more different.

I hate fake friends stamp by hmc03

As part of my code of honour, it's not in my nature to backstab and spread gossips. But remember, it's harder to make friends and easier to make enemies.

I'm Christian and I'm not afraid to say it. I grew up in a Christian family. But you know what? I won't hate you if you have different beliefs or interests. I'm not going to force my beliefs on you since we are all granted with free will. However, I'd appreciate it if you respect my beliefs and decision to be a Christian, as well as my interests. :)

I'm also raised a Franciscan! I love St. Francis of Assissi! He's the patron Saint of ecology. I believe he's a huge factor for making me a nature-lover. :aww:

I Believe... Stamp by Mirz123 Saints of Assisi - Stamp by DAcatholics

A friend of mine once told me, "Religion creates walls, while faith builds bridges."

agree to disagree stamp by SanguineJustice


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Stamp - Cat Lover by MauserGirl stamp :: cat lover by octobre-rouge Cat Love Stamp by cloudrat Cat Stamp by coyearth Cat lover stamp by xXAli-StarXx Catwa Stamp by Baka-Monkey

I'm a fairly girly girl, though I guess I'm a classified gamer! :D
Pink and Girly Stamp by mfcreative I love being Feminine stamp by rhr-forever Hello Kitty Stamp by Sky-Yoshi I love pink - stamp by Angi-Shy Take Me to a Frosted Zoo. by confetti-cake "I'm a Girl Gamer" by Sunshinylisee I love Pink stamp by Oashi

Ummmm yes.
To be alone stamp by Infernal-Feline
As much as I do enjoy company, I'm one of those people who want to balance talking and being alone. Sometimes silence and being alone just gives me enough time to think over and calm myself down.

And please.
"Critique" stamp by Keira-Blacktalon
I mean it in the nicest way. As I said earlier, we all have our interests and differences. Thank you for understanding. :)

I draw what I want stamp by izka197
While I AM open to ideas and opinions, please don't expect me to actually draw or write what you want. It is my art after all, so it's my own way of voicing out. I would encourage you try doing what you want, no matter how hard it may seem, because that's what makes us grow as artists AND as persons. :)

Forget Stuff Stamp + PLZ by Mirz123 It may take a while... stamp by Ravenswd
I believe the stamps speak for themselves.
Please be patient if ever I don't reply right away, rest assured I check all my messages in time.

Judge Another Stamp by Mirz123
I believe it's inevitable to judge one another, but try your best not to and don't tear each other apart because of differences. Remember that an individual is an individual; not a blind sheep with no free will. It's one of the ways to lead a peaceful life in my honest opinion. :)


Jul 31, 2014
1:57 am
Jul 30, 2014
5:16 pm
Jul 30, 2014
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Jul 30, 2014
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Jul 30, 2014
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Planet gijinka and updates!

Mon Jul 28, 2014, 9:18 AM
So finally after months of thinking of a title, I've thought of what my possibly final title for my planet gijinka is gonna be...

So now I think I'm going to call it Heliosphere.

I was iffy at first, since it's a very heliocentric title and it suggests that Helios is the main character when I wanted all the characters to be equal (or at least if there's gonna be a main character it would be Terrius)

Heliosphere defined in layman's terms is the region where the objects are affected by the sun. (correct me if I'm wrong but that's how I understood it)

Soooo what do you guys think? I think I'd be going with that for now until something better comes up or if I can't find anything else.

As for other updates, well my brother :iconjdan-s: was such an awesome guy. He's the same nicely evil guy who made me choose between a drawing tablet and a Zelda 3DS XL for my birthday.

But well I guess he decided to be nice without a catch for now?? HAHA

One day coming home I thought he brought home groceries or something else but he handed me over the plastic bag

He was like "Here. Take care of it."


I already had those two smaller Rarity figures a while back then. My first Rarity was from the toystore, on the right.

she is beautiful


very finesse much beauty


My very own kitten-sized Rarity!

Aaaand that's my current pony collection! I love my big Rarity so much we've taken selfies together and she sleeps with me and my bed of plushies
And yes my warm blanky right now is MLP:FiM
I love Rarity and Fluttershy~

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Journal Entry: Thu Jul 17, 2014, 6:14 AM






Okay for those who may be unaware, I am in fact Asian and I am Filipino. Recently we've been hit with yet another super typhoon locally named Glenda, and now we have yet another typhoon we're going to call Henry! Glenda is full of winds and rain (mostly wind though) and I hear Henry's full of rain instead of wind but it's still hard to know what and how it will enter the country.

And as of lately, we've been having a "rotational blackout/brownout" meaning, after a period of time, an area will be cut off electricity for another area to have one. Recently we just experienced that and luckily it didn't last too long.

Many houses and homes have no electricity yet. I did hear in the radio news while waiting for the lights to come back that around 64% of homes in an area hasn't been recovered with electricity yet! From where I'm from, we're not greatly affected, though seeing a light post tilt and an old tree fall down a van was quite a surprise. Mind you, I've known that tree since childhood! From what I hear, it was a strong acacia tree. It's how strong the winds were!

For those who have seen a coverage in CNN (I don't think I've seen it for myself since we're more preoccupied with local news regarding this) you may have seen the most affected places. They really had it worse!

For now? It's still raining from time to time. Probably to welcome the new typhoon about to hit soon. Don't worry! As I said, it may not be as strong as this Glenda typhoon. Glenda is one of the "super typhoons", those that are stronger than usual typhoons. It doesn't mean we should let our guard down though, especially in places that typhoons would mainly strike.

To all my fellow Filipinos, or well, to all who are now residing in the Philippines and are affected by the typhoon, please stay safe! Never forget to fully charge your batteries, keep backup devices for your light/communication convenience, and your candles!

And for emergency purposes? Having safety whistles may very well be considered a must! If you have one, bring one along with you especially if you're in areas that are very affected. Whistles are more easily heard than yelling or shouting when calamities strike.

Never forget to blow flames off the candles before sleeping! That's a must. Stay safe and alert, God bless, be strong!

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OC Interview (with Ares) and weird dream!

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 12, 2014, 4:50 PM

Stolen from :iconadorableevil29:

For this OC interview meme I'd like to have Ares (Mars). Maybe sometime I'll do one for other planets to help me get ideas for them!

1. Choose one of your OCs.
2. Your OC must answer every question as truthfully as possible.
3. Journal title should be "OC Interview."
4. When you're done, tag as many people as you wish.
5. Have fun!!!

1. Hi! What's your name/nickname?

Name's Ares. But outside our home called the Solar System, people call me Mars.

2. Interesting, what's your current age?
Lost count. Around 4 billion I think... but Terrius' stupid parasites say I look around 20.

3. Uh-huh, what's your favourite food?
I don't really eat... but if you're talking about the cuisine Terrius introduced to everyone else I think I'd go for pizza.

4. And your favourite drink?
There IS no water in my home. Just... dry ice. Stupid Helios and his stupid solar wind. I think I fancy Terrius' er... what do you call them? Soda pops? Or whatever. Those fizzy stuff. I remember one of them was dark brown and sweet...

5. Confession time! Who's your crush/lover?
Oh. You mean STALKER. Phoe is my stalker, yes. He is one of my two moons next to Demi. Honestly I wish he'd stop stalking me. Terrius is enough. He sends me stuff and wants to help me be able to support life again. Idiot.

6. Awww! Have you kissed yet?
I'm pretty sure I haven't yet. Not interested.

7. Classic question, what's your favourite color?
Green. Green is my favourite colour. And in case you were any stupider than that stupid idiot Terrius, that was classy sarcasm.

8. Who's your favourite author?
I'm not sure. I haven't read enough...

9. Now what's your biggest fear?
W-Why would you ask that? I'm not afraid of anything. Next question!

10. *stifles a giggle* I'm not laughing... *bursts out laughing* Ah-heh-sorry. Any siblings?
I'm not sure if all us planets are siblings but... no it doesn't feel like it. Phoe and Demi aren't my siblings so... I'd say not. No siblings.

11. Almost done, it's only twenty questions. Who's your hero?
I'm my own hero.

12. Okay, who's your worst enemy?
Well, I do hate Helios for making my home like this... though he did apologize and say sometimes he has no power over his own abilities. Whatever.

13. What would you do if your worst enemy got together?
I'll give him a pixie cut.

14. Interesting... What would you do if you met your creator?
... I don't even know our creator. Even Helios doesn't know...

15. Okay, I'll contact them right now. Done! Now what will you want to be when you grow up?
Stop you're making my head hurt. Will I still grow up? Well I just wanted to support... I MEAN. Nothing.

16. What's your worst nightmare?
The only reason I'm answering this is because Phoe told me to. Yes, he's my worst nightmare. For... numerous reasons... can we just get this over with?

17. What's your life-long dream?
Why should I tell you? 

18. What would you do if your life long dream came true?
Well... *smiles* then maybe I would be less lonelier here. Phoe could get jealous though but... ugh... life long dream or not, I don't think I'll actually be happy.

19. Okay, where's your favourite place to relax?
Just staying at home. I've learned to deal with Phoe bugging me all the time. All I had to do was pretend he didn't exist. That was quite effective.
... Ugh. *hides face in hands*

20. Last question. What do you spend most of your life doing?
Someday I don't need to play pretend...
What there was a last question? Well then... I spend most of my life serving Helios, but he did treat us as something like equals. Whatever. Now stop bugging me.


Okay I'm not sure who to tag. Generating OCs in my head...
:iconlexiepotter: because CERIL. or Will. Take your pick I'm not picky with your OCs!
:iconaticum: because mouse-drawn hotness
:iconqueen-harpy-bee: wanna do this dear?
:iconthejadephoenix1: you're in this too! TAGGED.
:iconrocketworld: HAHAAAAA TAGGED


Weird dream time!

So they say if you're deprived of sleep, you dream weirder stuff... well I wouldn't say this was the weirdest dream ever since most my dreams are too weird. Some weird in a nicer way, some weird in a bad way, others just... weird.

well then I had one of those weird dreams. I’m pretty sure there’s more to my dream than this but I’ll write an excerpt from it

one part of my dream was that I had a little bunny and a little kitty for pets. for some time I was also with people. I went in the car to escape from something with some people (not sure if family or people I treated as family)


as we drove along we looked around. someone thought that my bunny was along the sidewalk we just passed but nope it wasn’t it was a big white rabbit. now that I think about it, it looks like it was bigger than a cat! or a growing puppy. that rabbit was huge!

in front of the car, we saw a big black rabbit by the sidewalk. they weren’t doing anything really but mind their own business. minutes later we found the bunny!

later on idk what more stuff happened but I do remember there was some sort of a post-apocalyptic or modern setting where we settled. and people were either awed or panicking. I wasn’t quite sure if they talked about a space attack or the supermoon.

during these parts of the dream where I had the bunny and kitty with me I noticed their behaviour. bunny seemed to be a bit more outgoing than kitty, and i’m not sure who loved squashing the other. I think bunny liked going on top of kitty to tick him off (not sure if kitty’s a girl or guy, looks like a guy though?)

oh and bunny has purple bows in her ears! that’s what made me think she was a girl

I’m not sure what else happened but I’m pretty sure we went through adventures together

so near the end of my bunny and kitty dream, I saw bunny go under something like a gap under what looked like a tropical bench. I tried to get here but I couldn’t see her anymore. kitty wanted to go after her but I stopped him and told him to stay put.

I tried going along the bench to maybe see her by the other end but there was no sign of her. by the end of the bench I saw that the place was some sort of a room with some sort of statues. all I can remember is that one statue looked like a diorama of an aztec ruin.

I tried asking around since there were like one or two people in the room if they saw any bunnies

they were like “oh yes she’s the queen around here”

and that’s where that part of the dream ended and shifted to another one I’m not sure what actually happened but I could remember I didn’t like it

Graphics by tyleramato
CSS by moonfreak
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My accounts!

:iconrubcheeksplz:Ruffly Heart Icon [FREE] by socksyyBow and Ruffles Banner by socksyyRuffly Heart Icon [FREE] by socksyy

Okay! So here are my current accounts!


Well, my fics are uploaded here and in, so I don't get to update much in really. Just a heads up!

Tumblr's pretty much an active account! It's not an art-exclusive account though. I have reblogs, art, and even RPs, so you can say it's an all-in-one account.

My song covers!

:iconcaekplz:Ruffly Heart Icon [FREE] by socksyyBow and Ruffles Banner by socksyyRuffly Heart Icon [FREE] by socksyy

Title says all!

[Frozen] Let it Go -…

[Vaati cover] Part of Your World -…

[Free!] Aqua Gate (Matsuoka Rin character song) -…

[Minish choirs] (check my gallery) -…


:iconyummycakeplz:Ruffly Heart Icon [FREE] by socksyyBow and Ruffles Banner by socksyyRuffly Heart Icon [FREE] by socksyy


:bulletpink: Michael-Strange - a scene from her chapter
ART TRADE Free Lovely Progress Bar 25% by PeppermentPanda
HER PART: [link]

:bulletpink: blackorchid2007 - her OC Alia (with Gabe)
PRIZE Lovely Progress Bar 0% by PeppermentPanda

:bulletpink: SuzueRink - colouring in of the inking in our collab
COLLAB Lovely Progress Bar 0% by PeppermentPanda
HER PART: [link]

:bulletpink: Zakoloid - alt design sketches of her OCs
ART TRADE Lovely Progress Bar 0% by PeppermentPanda

:bulletpink: The-Assasinator - a drawing of his OC Kyzer Aqueron
ART TRADE Lovely Progress Bar 0% by PeppermentPanda
HIS PART: [link]

:bulletpink: Lotusfire7 - Midna playing drums
ART EXCHANGE/TRADE Lovely Progress Bar 0% by PeppermentPanda

:bulletpink: NightSilverChelly - Her OC Kali
KIRIBAN PRIZE Lovely Progress Bar 0% by PeppermentPanda

:bulletpink: Enemom - Sketch
Runner up KIRIBAN Lovely Progress Bar 0% by PeppermentPanda

*Sorry if this takes so much time! As much as I want to work on them right away, I want to make them special so I usually work on them when I'm feeling really inspired. When I get really inspired, that's when I'm able to really work on it with all my feels at a normally fast rate, no kidding. Rest assured I never forget these, though!

Feel free to note or message me if I need to add you on this list, or if I owe you anything.

What to expect from this art page?

:iconsweethugplz:Ruffly Heart Icon [FREE] by socksyyBow and Ruffles Banner by socksyyRuffly Heart Icon [FREE] by socksyy

Now this is where I talk about what my art page is all about, really!

Things you can expect from me:

♡ fanfics
♡ drawings
♡ simple Flash animations
♡ songs
♡ voice acting
♡ love for bunnies

But since I'm not all about cute, I'm telling you I'm also into these kinda stuff:

♡ horror
♡ gore
♡ angst

So you can say I naturally love cute stuff but as much as I love them I also LOVE horror. Psychological horror, to be precise.

Fandoms? I have lots of them but I'll name a few I love/consider drawing:

♡ Zeruda
♡ Sonikku
♡ Plants vs Zombies

More to come!

OC Universe backgrounds!

:iconkissingplz:Ruffly Heart Icon [FREE] by socksyyBow and Ruffles Banner by socksyyRuffly Heart Icon [FREE] by socksyy

OCs folder:…

My OCs! I decided I'd put some short background on the OCs I've made thus far:

- my adaptation of the Alice books: Wonderland and Looking-Glass. Yes, I've READ both books and researched on some facts, so you can expect some book-based references. This of course, comes with classic characters involved such as the Gryphon, the Lion and the Unicorn, the Mock Turtle, the Mouse, and some already well-known characters like Alice, White Rabbit, the Tweedle twins, the Mad Tea Party members, and the different royalties involved.

♡ S.A.N.D.Y.
- my four artist OCs belong here; this title is not actually final yet. This is a detective-themed title, with Angel Young as the main leading detective. A young detective with great potential, he faces many challenges ahead... as well as new friends and rivals. Monsieur Aria, the head of their firm, is directly mentoring him to be the best there is. As his mentor is loved by all for his extreme kindness towards everyone, he is somewhat envied upon but nonetheless respected.
Now he must face the reality ahead. Crimes, broken friendships and trust, death, tainted innocence... his strength will surely be tested.

♡ Sanzo's Tales
- This is an old project of mine, and definitely one of the more serious projects. The theme is Christianity, but will be somewhat (but not entirely based) on the famous "Journey to the West". Vincenzo, a young priest-in-training, meets his fated protectors along the way as they find their true purposes in life. And as he is a big fan of the classic tale, he describes their meeting and situation as somewhat similar and decides to call them by their counterparts in the tale. The tale involves humans and dragons, and the main theme is friendship and trust.

♡ Teen's life

A somewhat direct sequel to Sanzo's Tales, this deals mostly with the aftermath of his quest. As he is still a normal person with needs, he resides in a quiet life in his house... with a nephew. His cousin had to migrate to another country and so his nephew was left to him in order to continue his studies in the Philippines. Isaac, his nephew, is a quiet young man but can be quite the rebel once he doesn't see things fit. And the twist is: he is the religion teacher of his nephew's class.
Now the bond of the two will be tested. Vincenzo and his new quiet life, and Isaac with his struggles as a young middle-schooler. They will meet new friends along the way as well as new trials.


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yoyododo1990 *wears two eyepatches* I'm Blind Beard the Pirate watch me! YARRRR! *trips over*
Sun Mar 16, 2014, 12:54 AM
Meow~ Vaashah is Vaati and Gufuu's little sister and li'l Shadow is Vaashah's friend but he has a grugde against Vaati and Gufuu! Make li'l Shadow become friends with them please?
Fri Mar 14, 2014, 5:20 PM
Fri Mar 14, 2014, 10:06 AM
*has two fake peglegs* Lookit me, Im Peggy the Pirate! :dummy: *trips and falls*
Thu Feb 27, 2014, 10:29 AM
Thu Feb 27, 2014, 8:39 AM
We'll go seeking treasure with this! *shows a board game* And its based on a real treasure map! :la:
Thu Feb 27, 2014, 7:56 AM
Sun Feb 23, 2014, 3:27 AM
Sun Feb 23, 2014, 12:25 AM

[PLANET GIJINKA] Who do you like the most? (link to planet list in first comment) 

13 deviants said ♇ Meiosei (Pluto)
3 deviants said ♄ Cronus (Saturn)
3 deviants said ⛢ Yuri (Uranus)
2 deviants said ☉ Emperor Helios (Sun)
2 deviants said ♁ Terrius (Earth)
2 deviants said ♃ Jove (Jupiter)
1 deviant said ☿ Hermesio (Mercury)
1 deviant said ♀ Venus
1 deviant said ♂ Ares (Mars)
No deviants said ♆ Kaiosei (Neptune)



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