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Please enjoy taking a look at my gallery! :dance:


Eoljjang ♡ Rabbit
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied

20-something years old | PH | INFP

Hello there, everyone! :wave:

Welcome to my page and I would be really grateful you would take time to appreciate my art. I really wouldn't ask much, but please do NOT steal my art. If ever you may want to use my art for any purposes, please notify me and tell me why you would want to use it. :thanks:

And just another little thing, it is only common courtesy that we respect each other so if I may just ask that we do so, everything will go better for us. Voicing out thoughts and opinions is one thing, but just being plain rude is another. We have our own beliefs and opinions, and let us just honour that. :)

Please feel free to comment or fave on anything. I may not be able to respond to all my messages, but rest assured, you will always have my gratitude.

Just to let you know, every act of support is greatly appreciated, as it encourages me to get better and improve myself. :aww:

Other than that, please feel free to view my page. Thanks for visiting! :thanks:


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Guuuuueeeeeess who's got a new laptop?

My cat next door

Of course it's me~ finally too! It feels so good to buy something with your hard-earned cash! It's an Acer Aspire ES14. So far it's great! It's like giving a kid their new toy I just love it so much <3 now I can finally type with a keyboard AND work on my academic necessities! Work starts this week and I'll need it for school as well.

That being said, I'll start warming up to this thing; drawing, typing, etc. even gaming. My screen's so big nowww I can finally see my stuff on a wider screen it makes me happy. I've only used netbooks for my artwork so if you've noticed, their resolutions are usually so tiny!

And... I'll be clearing my inbox after replying to some comments/replies. >_<
I haven't been tending to it recently because of work and lack of an actual keyboard, so I'm sorry if I haven't replied!
  • Listening to: Undertale OST - Heartache

"Can I make my DeviantArt profile private or block someone from viewing my profile?

No. All DeviantArt profiles are public and accessible to anyone, both logged in and logged out. Anything you post on a public website, such as, is available to anyone with Internet access; as such, all public posts can be archived, searched, and displayed by Google or any other search engine. If you do not want specific information to be searchable, then we encourage you not to post that information publicly online, as all such information can be viewed by anyone. There is no way to block a deviant from viewing your page, as logging out would allow anyone to circumvent this block."

Well, they do have a point. There's always that thing I tell myself:

"Think before you click"

Because even if you delete things off the net, websites keep information that you may or may not be aware of. They are indeed archived as data even if you may not see them anymore.

"There is no such thing as a free lunch"

Making accounts online is free, but at what cost? Information. Why do you think surveys are very rare these days and they know just what to advertise to you? Be careful of giving out any information; choose them wisely. While it's fine to interact in social media, try not to give out your whole life to it.


Even if I do agree with certain points there, I admit that it was a little cheeky. Blocking feels unsafe because people CAN STILL SEE YOU and have FULL ACCESS to view your stuff.

Logging out can circumvent it, but I think people choosing to share their profiles private can help.

If dA can make like FB and put status on profiles, I'm sure there can be a workaround to making private/public profiles, or at least make broader options for keeping certain things private.

I suppose all I can think of is that there are certain people who, regardless of what to share, will look at your stuff and find fault in EVERYTHING you post. Or just look at your stuff out of intrigue, stalking, etc. In such cases, that means you pretty much can't share ANYTHING anymore without that underlying feeling of being watched.

There WILL be people like that, it's unavoidable. But the thing is, I would prefer to minimize it as much as possible. Hopefully there will be a workaround to it.

Bottom line,

I sincerely hope the blocking system gets improved and there will be considerations for more options to privacy.


For browsing convenience,

I'd also like to request that the MORE LIKE THIS feature can get filtered, like:

you can block certain art/artists you would rather not see, as in blacklisting in MORE LIKE THIS, but NOT blocking them in totality. Meaning, not necessarily blocking interaction altogether.

You would just rather not see unrelated/unpreferred art attached to your own art in MORE LIKE THIS, and you'd just like to see what you want or prefer.

Think "mature content" availability. It's filtering them out in a similar manner, except with categories, tags, artists, etc. Not "blocking", but "filtering out".

Again, these are just personal suggestions.

I know people will have different preferences and opinions, but I'd like to voice out my own preferences.

Thank you and best regards to the staff, please keep dA a safe place and I hope that it will still be all about the art (and not merely "popularity") as it was years ago. Please have a good day!
For those who haven't seen it yet, there are (finally) new sketches of a new star(s) in the Heliosphere blog!


And there are pending asks... ufff sorry for the long wait! It's so hard to update with mobile! Seriously, I wanna answer some of those asks already.

I miss the days I was able to draw everything with a mouse... those days felt like I drew for fun, not from the pressure of getting favs or watchers, or competing with someone. I think I started drawing with a tablet a year ago right after I posted my first Heliosphere concepts. Art block and lack of inspiration is really a bore!

And hopefully, I'll get it a new netbook soon! I'm eager to hold an actual keyboard for updates.

Also, I'm looking for some space articles. Any of you had good reads lately? :)

Have a nice day!


I get the feeling I may come off as intimidating, cynical, or just plain mean to some people at this point.

I'm not unless you give me enough reason to. And even if that's the case, I believe in talking things out peacefully. :thumbsup:
"You can't change someone who doesn't see an issue with their actions."
Took me a while to realise "gyaru" was supposed to be "gal" in Japanese katakana
When you do something, don't do it because you're trying to COMPETE with someone. It will all be meaningless.

Do set them as inspiration; but most of all, do something because you love it.

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Okay so I finally scanned it. Forgive the poor quality since my scanner doesn't like my sketch journal. Hope you like it!

Nebula by JadeyKayk
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I just learn that "Nerds" is actually a real junk food and not a made up one...
I feel so stupid.
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