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Please enjoy taking a look at my gallery! :dance:


Eoljjang ♡ Rabbit
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied

20-something years old | PH | INFP

Hello there, everyone! :wave:

Welcome to my page and I would be really grateful you would take time to appreciate my art. I really wouldn't ask much, but please do NOT steal my art. If ever you may want to use my art for any purposes, please notify me and tell me why you would want to use it. :thanks:

And just another little thing, it is only common courtesy that we respect each other so if I may just ask that we do so, everything will go better for us. Voicing out thoughts and opinions is one thing, but just being plain rude is another. We have our own beliefs and opinions, and let us just honour that. :)

Please feel free to comment or fave on anything. I may not be able to respond to all my messages, but rest assured, you will always have my gratitude.

Just to let you know, every act of support is greatly appreciated, as it encourages me to get better and improve myself. :aww:

Other than that, please feel free to view my page. Thanks for visiting! :thanks:


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Yoooooo it's been a while since I actually wrote one of these things. There's no more mood selection for journals?? Or did I just miss it? Anyway...

Okay so uh... honestly I'm not sure what else to say but a few updates and reminders!

Blooky-animated-30 ACID tears updates Blooky-animated-30

Updates have been sluggish lately... I've been having some writers' block I'm still trying to get over. I do have some ideas but I still have to think of the delivery! I think I may work on this within the month though; so please keep an eye out for it!

For those who haven't heard of what ACID tears is yet... here's the first chapter of the fic.

ACID tears :Undertale: Ch.1Chapter 1: A NEW FACE, DARLING!!

“And that's a show! Great work, Mettaton!”
Apparently, there was a show going on. The show had just finished and all were dismissed for their well-deserved break. The star of the show was none other than Mettaton, the pop star of all seasons.
He was a robot that looks like a flamboyant young man. He had jet black wavy hair; a lock covering half of his face. His smooth metallic face undoubtedly attractive as his beautiful hourglass figure. His hot pink boots complemented his beautiful slender legs as he gingerly strutted over to the backstage.
The backstage had a few people managing it, but he went over to a particular individual. The one he called, “Blooky”. They were... a ghost with headphones operating the DJ table behind the scenes.
“Blooky, that was perfect!!”
“Do you really think so, cousin?” said the ghost Blooky. Their name tag, howev

Basically it's a fic about Napstablook and Mettaton; although I can safely say now that Napstablook is more of the focus in this fic.

... Why? BECAUSE BLOOKY IS MY BABY ♥ I mean okay, I love Mettaton and I relate to him in more ways than one but... Blooky is just too precious not to cherish. Metta has lots of adoring fans... Blooky definitely needs more love!

Blooky-animated-11 general online activity Blooky-animated-11

Aw geez I haven't been active here at all now have I? Hardly, even. I do read comments and replies, though! Rest assured I read all of them though I may not be able to reply to all like I used to...

I'm actually "more active" in Tumblr these days although I'm usually a lurker there myself. ACID tears updates are sluggish, but you can still see more of Blooky and the others there!

... Mostly crack RPs though. So many quick doodles and crack RP things regarding the blooks, although my pal and I have agreed that none of the RP things will be applied to each of our fanfic universes. :thumbsup:

Basically the RP stuff is getting our bots together (Mettatons, Napstabots, and my other bots) and seeing them interact with each other. My Napstablook is nicknamed "Tinyblook" since he's well... TINY, compared to my pal's tall Napstabot we call Lorgeblook. I'll be more than glad to answer questions about this since it's a... kinda long story. Summary: s.exebots get together. HEHE.

So please check out the #my art tag in Tumblr to see some of my more recent (but mostly non canon) doodles! Lots of funny stuff going on there.

Blooky-animated-16 personal/reminders Blooky-animated-16

:bulletpink: Woot I actually feel pretty great these days. Bummed out, but great! Makes me wanna roll my eyes at my previous entries honestly and just... sorta clean up my profile. Too cluttered.

In other news, I watched some pretty cool movies and they're great! Civil War was worth the time and cash... kinda sad to see the team falling apart though.

Angry Birds was honestly better than I expected it to be. Chuck is definitely my fav! How did he get that much crap past the radar I have no idea... and did he just make a Quicksilver reference?? LOL it's a pretty funny and light-hearted movie.

... And I think I'll abort No Mercy run. Too hard for me right now but it's actually quite enjoyable?? It wasn't as bad as many people portray it to be. Kinda reminds me of people's reception of that Cupcakes fic...
I mean yeah it's horrible in its own right but I can actually tolerate it. Or I may just be desensitized by the internet? lol

As for cosplaying... I'm not sure if I'll be posting more soon! Honestly there's this one picture I've been debating over posting; I'm just really shy but it's a somewhat "Chara in Frisk's body" photo because of the smile. Still really determined to go as Frisk someday in a future con I'll go to.

:bulletpurple: A kind reminder that uh... please don't come to me for the *sole reason* of getting attention for your OCs/RPing for some of your... fantasies/etc.

I no longer RP in public for many personal reasons and I really don't want to feel like you're only "interested" in my stuff to shove your projects in front of my face. I can feel whether or not you really are interested or you just want some feedback for your stuff. I mean it's okay to get feedback but um... maybe don't let me feel like you just want to use me as a means of promotion for your stuff and nothing else? It's rude. I would NEVER dream of doing that to my friends, let alone someone I HARDLY know.

I actually like looking at people's OCs! Especially when we've gotten to be friends but... RANDOMLY asking me for attention or PRETENDING to like my stuff so you can make me promote your stuff isn't really nice of you, you know.
I like a whole lot of OCs my pals show me or to-be pals, even. But if I see you're just plain *attention-hungry* then... uh, sorry. I'm losing my interest right there. Nothing personal, just... I don't wanna feel like I'm USED for your personal intentions.

Blooky-animated-26 MISC Blooky-animated-26

:iconundertale-ghosts: is still open for more members! Do you like ghosts? Would you SMOOCH a ghost? Or even ghost-bots...
Then this place is perfect for you! It's a group for Undertale ghost appreciation since... admit it, they definitely need more love! Come on over for a visit!

Heliosphere: Under the Sky is in NO WAY dead. Just on an indefinite hiatus... nothing wrong going on folks but just plain ART/WRITER'S BLOCK COMBO WOOT HOW HORRIBLE IS THAT

This project requires lots of reading. Lots n lots of reading and selection of theories/facts and deliberation for the characters. I may work on the "Holy Knight" series for this though! That still requires reading and selection, but I'm mostly limited to Helios (Sun), Jove (Jupiter), and Cronus (Saturn), the Grand Tack theory, and some other external factors.

"What's this Heliosphere: Under the Sky I keep hearing about, woman??"

See for yourself!

It's basically a personified space project; solar system, stars, rogue planets, black holes... you name it! All are based on space facts, including personality and appearance. A little on the mythology side too, given space stuff are named after mythology... but mostly space facts, geograpical traits, etc.

So! After much thinking and deliberation, I decided to make myself a Twitter account.

Twitter Twitter

Gimme a follow if you have one! ♥ I'm new to the place so I'm looking around and getting used to it. I'm... not entirely sure what I'll use it for, but I may post some WIPs and art stuff there! Maybe extra doodles?? Not sure.

Also if you haven't checked out my Tumblr, you should check it out darlangs ♥

Tumblr Icon by poserfan Tumblr

I post way more stuff there now for the sole reason of... well, Tumblr exclusive things and frands and photosets, and WIPs. I won't leave my dA though! I still use this for some art and fanfics.

I also have these two other accounts you may wanna check out:

Pixiv Social Icon by Gasara Pixiv
Soundcloud Icon by poserfan Soundcloud

Making Soundcloud was a pretty good decision of mine since I just LOVE listening to tunes on repeat! Pixiv is a pretty okay place too! Althouuuugh... just a recommendation, you need to learn at least some basic Japanese to know how they run the site. Even if it's on English, they still manage to slip in lots of Japanese text so it pays to know at least some actual Japanese.



InverTale is an alternate universe where each character personality is INVERTED with their canon selves, but their roles still stay the same in the game. Basically, everyone is the extreme polar opposites of themselves compared to the game.

Hence, Mettaton is still a star although instead of being flamboyant, fame-driven diva, he becomes a charismatic, humble ballad-singer that everyone admires. Napstablook is still left alone with the snail farm and still has an affinity for music, but instead of being a shy, melancholic ghost, he is a somewhat brash and selfish ghost who mostly keeps to himself.


Undertale - Determination | Red pixel heart | F2U STILL UNDER HEAVY CONSTRUCTION. Sketches and doodles are up, though!
Undertale - Kindness | Green pixel heart | F2U Available characters: Mettaton, Napstablook/Napstabot, Undyne, Alphys
Undertale - Integrity | Blue pixel heart | F2U Music: almost all are placeholders. Music may or may not be replaced someday as the AU and the blog develop. Basically the music should define their personalities or at least give you an idea what they're like. Check them out as some sort of a "preview" of what the unreleased characters may be like!

Personal remarks:

... I love Mettangel. He's an actual cinnamon bun angel and Blookster is just an actual he-binch. He's probably my fav so far but a;lskfj
the other characters are going to be a challenge... I'm not sure how to make this all work out, but I'll do this!


went to the mall and found out they were allowing people to take pictures with the power rangers


Okay, but hear me out... anybody ever watched Naruto Shipuuden? I'm gonna talk about Vaati and Sasori here.

Look at Sasori's backstory again and tell me that's not Vaati's story when he actually LOST his parents for good...

Grandma Chiyo? Sage Ezlo? Just... look at it...
I'm... gonna have to draw Akatsuki crossovers now.

What are Sasori's puppet's equivalents for Vaati? Idk... Shadow Link clones?? Or some wind sculptures if that's even possible. Everything's possible with magic.
Just gonna leave this here:

Invertale - Undertale AU [Tumblr]
AU where each character personality is INVERTED with their canon personality

and I may possibly stream again later!! ♥ will post another status when I get online. See you there, darlings!
gonna finish up some pieces I have pending if possible. Undertale-related.
not sure when the next stream is so...

Feel free to join!
gonna finish up some pieces I have pending if possible. Undertale-related.

Feel free to join!

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