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Please enjoy taking a look at my gallery! :dance:


Eoljjang Rabbit
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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied

Hello there, everyone! :wave:

Welcome to my page and I would be really grateful you would
take time to appreciate my art. I really wouldn't ask much, but
please do NOT steal my art. If ever you may want to use my art for
any purposes, please notify me and tell me why you would
want to use it. :thanks:

And just another little thing, it is only common courtesy that we
respect each other so if I may just ask that we do so, everything
will go better for us. Voicing out thoughts and opinions is one
thing, but just being plain rude is another. We have our own
beliefs and opinions, and let us just honour that. :)

Please feel free to comment or fave on anything. I may not be able
to respond to all my messages, but rest assured, you will
always have my gratitude.

Just to let you know, every act of support is greatly appreciated,
as it encourages me to get better and improve myself. :aww:

Other than that, please feel free to view my page. Thanks for
visiting! :thanks:


[22 May 2015]
I can't believe Heliosphere is already a year old!
Honestly, I didn't think my project would get this far! Since it's an original one, I didn't think that it would nearly get as much feedback as some of my other fanart. But this project is fun, and I'm so happy with the amount of support it's getting! Including the fanart and help with ideas, gosh you have no idea how much I appreciate that! Whenever I receive some sweet fanart I die a little inside because it's a death by giggles and squeals!

And it's thanks to your help that the Uranian moons are FINALLY UP! So, here are the updates to the site! I hope you guys like it!

Heliosphere Tumblr site updates:



:bulletpink: That said, the (major) moon info of the planets is now complete!

:bulletpink: New theme songs are up and are continually updated! And as for the Uranian moons, their main theme song is FREEDOM DiVE.
Find the theme song of your favourite character!

:bulletpink: Visitor and hit counter is now up, plus a scrolling text on your browser tab! We hope you have fun on your galaxy tour as a visiting comet!

:bulletpink: BONUS! Even if I'm a camera-shy bunny, here's the test cosplay makeup of Eris. I may take this down in a day or two or til the next update (?) because I'm reaaaaally camera shy, especially if it's not a full-blown cosplay yet!

Eris-test-cosplay-watermark by MayJasmine
So... do I look like Eris enough? Hehe. That on my shoulder there is Dysnomia, her only known moon thus far! Selfies are mirrored and so our hair parted differently.

:bulletpink: Another bonus, I may answer questions about Heliosphere that you want to know about! Although, I may have to ask you to ask another question if I think the question is too spoilery. But anyways, feel free to ask about the characters!

Stars Pink (Free) Star + Dangles Bullet (Pink) - F2U!  Bunny Emoji-68 (Bouncy) [V4] Bunny Emoji-68 (Bouncy) [V4] Bunny Emoji-68 (Bouncy) [V4] Bunny Emoji-68 (Bouncy) [V4] Bunny Emoji-68 (Bouncy) [V4] Bunny Emoji-68 (Bouncy) [V4] Bunny Emoji-68 (Bouncy) [V4] Stars Pink (Free) Star + Dangles Bullet (Pink) - F2U! Stars Pink (Free) Bunny Emoji-68 (Bouncy) [V4] Bunny Emoji-68 (Bouncy) [V4] Bunny Emoji-68 (Bouncy) [V4] Bunny Emoji-68 (Bouncy) [V4] Bunny Emoji-68 (Bouncy) [V4] Bunny Emoji-68 (Bouncy) [V4] Bunny Emoji-68 (Bouncy) [V4] Star + Dangles Bullet (Pink) - F2U! Stars Pink (Free) 

[20 May 2015]
This journal will now be for periodic Heliosphere updates!
The "master list" journal regarding the height differences will be updated someday; I just don't want to lose the journal skin I used for it once updated!

Height changes made in the Heliosphere blog! (*may still be subject to change)

"Dwarf planets" category changed into "Dwarf planets and asteroids"!

"Stars and exoplanets" category added!

May add more theme songs for both groups and characters! (in the playlist and as audio posts)
*Group as in character groups like the Asteroid Belt, Kuiper Belt, black holes, etc.
*New theme songs added:
  • Vesta (asteroid)
  • Rhea (Saturnian moon)
  • Nix (Plutonian moon)
  • Hydra (Plutonian moon)
  • Ice Brothers (Yuri/Kai aka Uranus/Neptune)
  • Sirius A (star)
  • Sirius B (white dwarf star)
  • Cygnus X-1 (black hole)
  • HDE 226868 (aka Kari, companion star of Cygnus X-1)

3/5 Uranian moons.
2/3 Polaris stars.

Thanks for all the support on my project, everyone!


I haven't been able to update about Heliosphere in a while, and the anniversary is soon! I really have no idea how to celebrate it, but maybe I'll draw a little something!

So as an update, I'm letting out a teaser sketch for one of Uranus' moons. Can you guess who he is?

HINT: There's actually something on his clothes that may give off a slight hint who he is. Another real hint, he's one of the major moons of Uranus!

I'll still design four more to go, and then I'll update in my Heliosphere blog riiight here!

And another update, I think I'll change the characters' heights; the moons barely have any height differences and most of them are stuck to being 4'10" or below... I think I'd make Mei (Pluto) and Hermesio (Mercury) a little taller, but not too tall! They will still be chibi.

Mei may be 5'0"
Hermesio may still be 5'2", it depends! I'll still think about the moons' height differences. He and Luna may have the same height.

The moons are either going to stay smaller than Mei and the others, or like stars, I won't be too dependent on the height differences and I'll depend more on RANK differences. Like some stars that are MUCH BIGGER than Helios are almost the same height as him, but have a higher star rank in their universe.

And here are some new things about it you may be interested in!

This idea is not finalised yet, but I claim it as my own!

  • Planets/space gijinka with normal orbits and rotation (counter clockwise) are right-handed, which may be pretty much almost everybody.
  • Those with retrograde rotation are left-handed. Among the few of who I can think of are Venus, Yuri (possibly), and Triton.
  • Stars are ambidextrous by default, and that means Helios and the rest of the stars.
As for the setting, this is what I've come up with so far:
  • star system (like solar system) = home
  • galaxy = country
  • constellation = alliance, depending on location
  • Universe = the whole world of everything

Well that's about it for now, but of course these are still subject to change though yes I claim these ideas. More updates someday!

Honestly I've worked on Polaris... THEN I find out he's a STAR SYSTEM. Unlike Helios who's forever alone (or so we think) Polaris has two stars and possibly two more companions to make the Polaris system. Then there's also this dilemma about Uranus' moons...

Does anyone know Shakespeare here? I need material for these moons because when I make them, I take part of the personality of what they were named after as well as their actual characteristics.

For example, let's take Ares.
Ares is named after the god of war which makes him have violent tendencies, which probably shows through his tsun tsun personality. But then there's this characteristic of the planet Mars which is red, so let's give him red hair. Then I heard he used to be habitable but now he's sterile as frik so let's make him tsundere towards life and towards Terrius. Something like that!

SO, my dilemma is these URANIAN moons:
  • Miranda
  • Ariel
  • Umbriel
  • Titania
  • Oberon

I HAVE NO IDEA WHO THEY ARE. I haven't been reading Shakespeare, I prefer Alice books personally. So I've been searching who they are but with vague results and I can't work with that! Does anyone know who they are? I really need help; I've been seeing drastic art changes from when I first worked on Heliosphere and that's enough to get me convinced I haven't been working on them longer than I thought.

So if anyone has any info on these characters, please tell me! I'll take those down as notes and start working on the moons' personalities and designs! Poor Yuri still has no moons...

Heliosphere: Under the Sky's anniversary is dated May 22! Because that's when I finally put them all together in this little deviation:
[GIJINKA] Solar System by MayJasmine
I can't believe it's summer again and it's been a year since I created these guys... it felt not too long ago!

So what to do to celebrate this? ... I have no idea... I'M HORRIBLE OK

Please wish me luck, though! I've never gotten to cosplay but I think I'll start trying to find some stuff... so I'll work with either Madotsuki or casual!Eris. Casual!Eris sounds fun though, it means I'm gonna have to act a little like Zel or Marceline, and the last time I showed pictures to an irl friend she said I looked a little like Lady Gaga.



Those servbots are ADORABLE! I mean, look who's trying to think of names for ALL 40 servbots. They're such cuties, I remember I was still little when I played that! And now... I'm still little. :icontuzkidontknowplz:

Look at these adorable lego men servbots! If you say you don't want them, you're lying!

It's available on PSN! We got it for the PS3. It's a Rockman DASH spinoff, or most known as Megaman Legends starring Megaman Volnutt. Although, it requires little to no knowledge about the said game, so it's pretty much pick up, play, and enjoy on its own!


Also a late greeting but, a very belated HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! Better late than never! /shot

This year was amazing... finally, I can get to cook actual dishes for the family! This year I prepared pasta from the sauce down to the pasta itself and I'm glad the family liked it! I really love cooking! :icontuzkiblushplz:
It makes you feel a wide range of emotions, from a perfect wife to a serial killer. Cutting through meat feels a little... well, I didn't hate it or like it you know? ^^;
But seeing that what you eat is edible and even gets a really good rating from your family is good enough! So far, I've learned some homemade dishes!

And gardening? So far my new hobby is gardening! I just love plants. I hope I can make our garden look FABULOUS sometime! :icontuzkiloveplz:

Additional note, will be working on the OC meme journal sometime, don't worry! I just need to think of why I like the OCs and I gotta choose them. I'll also start on my to-do list again! Gosh, some of those are years old and way overdue... I honestly feel horrible for it. Rest assured they're never forgotten! Just... time constraint and lacking inspiration. I want them to look the best they could be! So thank you so much for putting up with me here!


An additional note... has anybody really wondered who May Jasmine is? Well, she's my OC:

Light Under the Parasol by MayJasmine May Jasmine ID by MayJasmine
May Jasmine in Pointillism by MayJasmine
Gentle Breeze by MayJasmine
She used to be my OC persona of some sort, something like "oh gosh I wanna be like her" kind of role model for me.
In the end? I'm pretty sure I'm her polar opposite. She's still gonna be my OC, but I think I'll have to work with another OC to represent me! So far, the closest I could think of as anything that comes close to that is... Fraise??

.:Fraise:. by MayJasmine

Or actually, this guy over here. Alie!

.:ALICE:. by MayJasmine

Well, we'll see about it. But I think I'm leaning more towards Alie! Anyways, have a nice day!
TFW when you cry like an idiot thinking of how horrible you are to your OCs.

Anyway, this thing had been trending for a while now! Have you ever tried it?

Results for me WERE HILARIOUS. Depending on the angle and lighting, it guessed my age at 17/18 on average, even 14 in one of my cosplay photos... sometimes, mid twenties. It's actually pretty fun, I don't even know why!

Even more ridic is sometimes my face doesn't get picked up! That sometimes happens to me in selfie apps, even with correct lighting and clear facial features. What, too bunny dolly for you? *shot*

And well, when I edited that cosplay photo where it said I looked 14, (edited because I looked haggard and my camera sometimes makes me look chunkier than I really am)


FYI I'm past twenty. So saying I look 14/15 is actually flattering because it means I won't age for another couple of years~

OKAY for those who are asking, they claim that they don't keep the photos.
Hopefully they really don't! Just to be on the safe side, don't submit photos that you may regret posting in public.

Soooooooo how fare the website to you? It sure doesn't fare well for Noiz...

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keep up the adorableness <3 can't wait to see more from you! 
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