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Eoljjang Rabbit
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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied

Hello there, everyone! :wave:

Welcome to my page and I would be really grateful you would
take time to appreciate my art. I really wouldn't ask much, but
please do NOT steal my art. If ever you may want to use my art for
any purposes, please notify me and tell me why you would
want to use it. :thanks:

And just another little thing, it is only common courtesy that we
respect each other so if I may just ask that we do so, everything
will go better for us. Voicing out thoughts and opinions is one
thing, but just being plain rude is another. We have our own
beliefs and opinions, and let us just honour that. :)

Please feel free to comment or fave on anything. I may not be able
to respond to all my messages, but rest assured, you will
always have my gratitude.

Just to let you know, every act of support is greatly appreciated,
as it encourages me to get better and improve myself. :aww:

Other than that, please feel free to view my page. Thanks for
visiting! :thanks:


EDIT: (6 July 2015)
You know how moons usually keep the same face towards their planet, right?
Just so you know how some chaotic rotations look like:

That's an animation of Pluto's moon, Nix. And they say Hydra and Nix both rotate chaotically...

A scientific reason for the geddan moons.


Here's my contribution for Pluto month (VIDEO):


Pluto III - HYDRA (Pluto's moon)

Hydra is the outermost moon of Mei known thus far, and so he is the main watchman of the Plutonian system. He’s quite adventurous himself, and a little mischievous too, sometimes not knowing when to stop. Together with Kerberos, as the Snake and the Puppy, he watches out for the safety of their system.


July 2015 is Pluto month!
If the video quality is skippy beyond reasonable doubt I may have to resort to having a Facebook page for Heliosphere by the end of this month. It will still be all but tentative though.


Still busy with irl stuff!
Now I'm gonna start living a busy life with whole days out from Monday-Friday, and Saturday. M-F is work schedule, Saturday is graduate studies. Ooooh gosh this is gonna be busy I'm gonna miss being an internet bum. I may comment or reply here and then but for the most part I'm gonna be quiet, I guess. ^^;
Okay, so I'm just gonna say this - I'm gonna be even more inactive! Just when I thought I wasn't getting any quieter here. Reason being - I have a job! A new job!

Technically, I'm still a part-time instructor, but I'm not teaching for a semester or two for working experience. I want to be able to teach my students better, and who knows? Since I teach business classes I may be able to give this working place a free word-of-mouth promotion in my classes.

Now I'm working in an office. GOODNESS THOUGH.
I'm gonna be fully-booked! My schedule is still getting fixed a little because of some conflicts, but I'm accepted alright. I'll be working full days for the weekdays and I'll be going to graduate school on Saturdays. Aaaaaayyyyy time to start feeling old. I hope I won't look old in a few years time! I'm actually proud to look young for my age.

Sooooo yes, hopefully I can still work on some art.
I hope I won't disappoint because I work more on OCs now rather than fanart. I think I passed my fanart phase (or burned it out, even) back in my earlier years here. But I may slip a few fanart here and there, I'll see about it. If ever, I may not be too Zelda-focused; lately I've been getting into Yume Nikki again!

Madotsuki cosplay is almost complete! Hopefully I'll be able to finalise it soon for any cosplay event to come up!

Also, just a random question,
For those who follow my planet gijinka blog: heliosphere-underthesky.tumblr…
Who's your favourite character/s and why?

That's all! Have a nice day!
Bunny Emoji-68 (Bouncy) [V4] Art stuff
I'm so glad that Heliosphere is continually receiving support! Maybe not as heavy as big-time series out there, but it means a lot given that Heliosphere is not a full-blown series yet, technically. So, does anybody know what July means for space? IT MEANS PLUTO MONTH. YES, PLUTO MONTH. KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED FOR ACTUAL IMAGES OF PLUTO AND HIS MOONS THEY ARE GOING TO BE THIS MONTH'S FOCUS!! Actually, some people say that this is the year of the Pluto. Why not, eh?

I will also update the fanart journal! I may or may not update it for everyone to see at the end of the month, depending on if I receive submissions or not. But submissions will be added as soon as I can, just that featuring them as in an update for those interested to see them will be at the end of every month.

Will still think of designs for new characters, but I may focus on Pluto and his lovely moons. Who knows? There may be other moons than these dorks:

[H:UtS] Comic: Pluto's Moons by MayJasmine
Who knows, there may be a Pluto VI?? Pluto VII?? PLUTO VIII?? OMG IT'S GONNA SOUND LIKE A FINAL FANTASY TITLE.
Although, if you want FF titles, go to Saturn. I've designed as much as 9 major moons, and probably still counting.

Saturn does have titan names for moons though. Look at them; Mimas, Enceladus, Dione... and one moon says it all: TITAN. There's a moon named Titan, and there's also a minor moon called YMIR. That's right SnK fans, you'd probably wanna check Saturn out!

Oh, and something worth mentioning is I may either start taking commissions or start a Patreon when I finally figure out how it works! I really want to put my art skills to use, and if I can't use it where I live, then I'll just have to use it here for some extra income. For now I still haven't started taking care of that, but I'll be sure to alert it in a journal when I'm ready.

Bunny Emoji-68 (Bouncy) [V4]
So my brother and I started playing FNaF. Well, we're not crazy about it but we don't really have any negative reactions! Just that well, does it really rely on jump scares? But the description of getting stuck in an animatronic suit is... messed up, to sum that up.

Truth be told, I hadn't really played anything in a while! Though sometimes I do miss seeing Skull Girls around, and some Guilty Gear, P4, and gosh Tokyo Jungle!

Bunny Emoji-68 (Bouncy) [V4]
 Steven Universe
I'm... not sure if I want to be part of the fandom, but I'm interested to watch NEW EPISODES. While everyone in the other part of the world is going crazy about Rose Quartz and whatnot, we're still stuck with the Giant Woman here. No kidding. I haven't even seen this green doritos everyone's been talking about on the telly, not even Ruby and Sapphire, but I've seen Lapis Lazuli. At least. Personally, I like Lapis so far!

So does anybody know where I can torrent their episodes?
Because internet here is so slow, I'm not sure if I can load full episodes via streaming. I think it would be best to torrent it like I did with Free! and SnK.

On a side note, for those who want to download some animu torrent, check this site out!
I've been recommended that site and so far, we never got any viruses from it! That's where I downloaded my Free! and SnK, and even my DMMd episodes.

Bunny Emoji-68 (Bouncy) [V4] Meme Tag

My pal :iconaticum: did a tag, so I figured I'd do the same too!
Just type in "TAG COMMENT" if you want me to do this for you too. I bet this would work best if we've talked enough or at least once, but I'll give this a shot!

Comment and I'll: 

Tell you why I like/dislike you. 

Tell you my favorite thing about you.
Associate you with something random: a song, a color, a photo, etc.
Tell you a memory of you that I try to remember.
Ask something I've always wanted to know.
Tell you what I'd do If we were in the same room right now.
If you and I are handcuffed together in a cop car, using only 3 words, what I would say to you.
Show which of your artwork I love the most.

In return, you must post this in your journal!

And a meme I found. Perfect for the main 10 characters of Heliosphere; maybe sometime I'll try doing this for other OCs (uhurm Dusk needs more love from me)
And so does Luna. She hasn't showed up in a long while now! I'll need to fix that one of these days

Mall MemeMall Meme
1. Pick ten characters in any order.
2. Write answers according to the questions.
3. HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
4. Try not to plan it out.
1. Character 9 is at a shoe store, what do they buy?
2. The clerk is 2. How does 9 bother them?
3. 6 is at the food court with 3. What do they spill on themselves?
4. 7 sees them struggling do they help and how?
5. 1 and 10 are at Victoria's Secret, WHAT GOES DOWN?
6. 4 is mall security. How do they feel about their job?
7.  5 and 8 get into a fight. Why and where?
8. 4 is called down to stop the fight. Who is arrested?
9. 6 bails them out. How do they feel about this?
10. 9 finds a hundered dollar bill on the floor. What do they do?
11. 7 lost a hundered dollar bill. Do they flip out?
12. 2  meets up with 1 and 10 at the dollar store. What do they bu
by :iconbluey-bop11:

I usually write narrative style, but I'll make it script-style so it's not text-heavy. I'll reserve narrative style for actual pieces~

Mall Meme
1. Pick ten characters in any order.
2. Write answers according to the questions.
3. HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
4. Try not to plan it out.
Heliosphere: Main Cast [Solar System Gijinka] by MayJasmine
1. Emperor Helios (Sun)
2. Hermesio (Mercury)
3. Venus
4. Terrius (Earth)
5. Ares (Mars)
6. Jove (Jupiter)
7. Cronus (Saturn)
8. Yuri (Uranus)
9. Kaiosei (or Kai, Neptune)
10. Meiosei (or Mei, Pluto)
1. Character 9 is at a shoe store, what do they buy?
Kai: Yuri look at these boots. Are they okay?
Yuri: These heels look better on you!
Kai: Uhh... right. Boots, it is.
Yuri: What about HEELED BOOTS? :eyes:
Kai: ... *shakes head in exasperation*

2. The clerk is 2. How does 9 bother them?
Kai: Put a shirt on.
Hermesio: I DO HAVE A SHIRT ON!!
Kai: Uh huh, yeah, and the Emperor's wearing a blanket.

3. 6 is at the food court with 3. What do they spill on themselves?
Venus: Sticky liquid. Disgusting.
Jove: And it smells too... well, when exposed. What is this... milk, was it?
Venus: Disgusting.

4. 7 sees them struggling do they help and how?
Cronus: Jove, are you alright?? Venus?? My... that looks like a mess!
*Jove starts to soften up and lets Cronus wipe the spill off with a paper towel.*
Venus: ... I'm going to the girl's room and I'll leave you two alone.

5. 1 and 10 are at Victoria's Secret, WHAT GOES DOWN?
Helios: Only I can resist my own rays, Mei. I suggest you this lotion for UV ray protection.
Mei: I live FAR AWAY from you.
Helios: It never pays to be careful. See, you are hanging out with me right now. And who knows as you don't seem to be as durable as Hermesio is with my UV rays...
Mei: ... *snatches lotion from Helios* GIMME THAT.
((This is gold, I don't think Helios would ever do this though lol))

6. 4 is mall security. How do they feel about their job?
((He would actually make friends with everyone that passes by, I'd think))
Terrius: I love this job!
Ares passes by and shows him a game.
Terrius: Please don't assign me for a night shift in that place...

7.  5 and 8 get into a fight. Why and where?
Ares and Yuri were getting held back by Terrius and Kai, respectively, in a gaming arcade.
Yuri: But all I said was that he looked extra red when Terrius was around!
Ares: YOU BUTT!!
Yuri: You're the butt, you marshmallow butt!

8. 4 is called down to stop the fight. Who is arrested?

((Oh he's finally there))
Terrius: Ares, you are under arrest!
Ares: WHAT?!
Terrius: Because you have stolen my heart~
Ares: WHAT THE #@^$%#^$%#@*&^% *diverts anger at Terrius and starts punching him*
Kai: Let's get out of here...

9. 6 bails them out. How do they feel about this?
I can't believe I was actually arrested... ugh. At least it was a special cell with the Asteroids looking after me. Why did you do that though? I thought...
Jove: Well, I thought I had to make it up to you. You know... everything.
Ares: ... Idiot.

10. 9 finds a hundred dollar bill on the floor. What do they do?
((To make things more interesting, maybe the dollar bill will be changed to their galactic currency I haven't made yet))
Kai: *looks left and right* Well, I guess I'm having another pair of boots after all. *picks up money and hides it in his wallet*
Yuri: But isn't that STEALIIING?
Kai: ... I hate you so much sometimes. *hands it over to Terrius the security guard*
Terrius has a bandage all over his face after getting beaten up by Ares.
Yuri: Wow.
Kai: I'm guessing this is a donation for your reconstructive surgery.

11. 7 lost a hundred dollar bill. Do they flip out?
... *looks at a bag with some diamonds* ... No. That was supposed to be for my savings! Sigh... well, at least I still have these diamonds. Maybe I should consider giving them to earth in exchange for water.

12. 2  meets up with 1 and 10 at the dollar store. What do they buy?
... Victoria's Secret?
Helios and Mei are seen holding bags of Victoria's Secret items.
Helios: Yes.
Mei: What of it?
Hermesio: ... Nothing.
Helios: Why are you here?
Hermesio: I need to buy a sweater... a full sweater. Or a shirt.*blushes and tries covering himself*
Helios: ... *look at him strangely but shrugs it off*

13. Someone falls asleep on a bench. Who is it and what happens when they snore?
((Yuri rotates on his side, and Venus didn't get enough screentime so...))
Venus: *looks around, then looks down at Yuri* I wonder if he would stop snoring if I pinch his nose hard enough...

14. What happens next?
Charon gasps hard and wakes from his sleep, then puts a nightrobe on. He brisk walks to Mei's room and knocks rapidly. The door opens slightly.

Charon: Mei, I had a horrible dream where you went to the mall... and then Terrius had a bandage on his face! Then... then the brothers were wacky as usual, then Cronus and Jove are actually eating in a food court?? Then you and the Emperor, you...

Mei opens the door enough for him to see his room, showing off some bags of Victoria's Secret on the floor. Mei smells of lotion.

Charon: It wasn't a dream...

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