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Sly Pseudorabbit
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Hello there, everyone! :wave:

Welcome to my page and I would be really grateful you would
take time to appreciate my art. I really wouldn't ask much, but
please do NOT steal my art. If ever you may want to use my art for
any purposes, please notify me and tell me why you would
want to use it. :thanks:

And just another little thing, it is only common courtesy that we
respect each other so if I may just ask that we do so, everything
will go better for us. Voicing out thoughts and opinions is one
thing, but just being plain rude is another. We have our own
beliefs and opinions, and let us just honour that. :)


Please feel free to comment or fave on anything. I may not be able
to respond to all my messages, but rest assured, you will
always have my gratitude.

I also apologise if ever there are circumstances of wrong replies
and such, as I'm only human. I will do my best to not do such things though.

Thank you for understanding.

Just to let you know, every act of support is greatly appreciated,
as it encourages me to get better and improve myself. :aww:

I'll be more than glad to take any feedback so that I'll be better on
my art next time. I cannot say for sure that my art is perfect...
and I admit there are a lot more people who are better than
me in this field. :)


Other than that, please feel free to view my page. Thanks for
visiting! :thanks:





♥ My account!…

:icontransparentplz::icontransparentplz:March Bunny Nibble! by MayJasmine
Here's hoping that I'll be able to help others out.

I've noticed a lot had been going through a lot lately, personal issues that we may or may not want to talk about irl or online.

So here I'm not even sure if people will actually want to read my walls of text, but I'm writing this hoping that I may be able to help out others in times of pain, hopelessness and anguish.

Before you proceed, may I just remind you... you are NOT alone. YOU ARE NEVER ALONE.


All of us go through something horrible enough to get beyond depressed, but hear me out... ALL OF US GO THROUGH THAT. One point in our lives or another, all of us go through that.

Now it's up to you if you wanna give up or keep trying.

Okay, so here's the deal... honestly? I was going through the worst depression I've ever had in my life just recently. I was depressed to the point that I couldn't eat, I'd loathe myself, loathe everyone involved directly or indirectlyask myself where I've gone wrong, and well, let's just say it wasn't pretty for my side.

I wouldn't go in detail, but just for you guys who are concerned no, I did NOT go cutting myself. My point at the time was, "I don't wanna be hurt anymore, I'm sick of it. Why would I want to keep hurting myself by cutting myself?"

I was too depressed to write, draw, I kept on neglecting myself, but honestly I was happy I was sane enough to take good care of my grades and my relationships, especially irl. I'm not exactly a social butterfly, but I do have cool friends irl I could trust. As a Christian, I'd thank God that He gave me enough strength to pull through that, but only barely.

Some advices I got from my depression?

Stay away from the people that make you feel like shit.

It's true. I was in a stage of utter denial because I believed SO MUCH in certain people, I trusted them so much. I hardly trust anyone; hardly. And usually I give many chances til I break and there's pretty much 0% for me to be okay with you again... unless of course, I see you're actually sincere. I recognise efforts, I really do.

I don't expect my friends to be actual angels, or to be there for me 24/7... honestly? We could stop talking for years and still be close provided we maintain our same friendship, or you don't make me feel like you replaced me.

The sooner you can accept that you have to let go of a ridiculously toxic relationship, the better. It's good to give chances, but think of both your well-being. It wouldn't be good for you to keep on going with a toxic relationship, and the person you're with wouldn't be good with you not being okay with them.


Keep in mind that just because you're not compatible with them does not mean they're evil/bad. It just means you're not meant to be with each other. They aren't exclusively mutual traits.

Some things I've learned while fighting depression...

Had I completely convinced myself that I was worthless and all my friends were happy leaving me, I wouldn't be here right now. It's not just friend problems, it's also irl problems that kept me repeating to myself... "WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?! WHY DOES EVERYONE HATE ME?! WHY DO THEY ENJOY ALIENATING ME?? IT'S HORRIBLE. ONLINE OR REAL LIFE, IT'S HORRIBLE. I'm doing my best to get along... maybe I'm wrong..."

Went on for more than a year.

But see, last year I felt horrible and useless; all those understatements. I'm not sure if I was making my depression obvious enough... it was honestly embarrassing to think about it, but whatever.

Now I'm happier. I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss the people I've let go, but I was happier... and well, it's their lives to live, not mine. So whether or not they're happy is none of my concern, although I'd pray that they be enlightened for their own good in the long run. To be enlightened means they would be happy because they are given what is rightfully theirs.

I'm happier now; I've met a lot of awesome people both irl and online, and all of them, though not necessarily too close to me, have made me realise there's still hope. That I may actually have some self-worth. I have a part-time job I'm currently enjoying a lot, and I also am attending graduate school during weekends.

I've broadened my horizons, seen different stories, and am beginning to focus on priorities in life.

I'm aware that most of my watchers/friends are younger than me. Probably tons younger.

This is what I always wanted to say.
Young people. If you feel horrible,


You may just be late bloomers. A wise woman once told me that. I almost forgot her words... but you know? It was true.

Let's just say my school life wasn't the best. I'm not popular, and most people define me as a weirdo upon knowing I love drawing or games (which I barely have the time for), and conclude it's what I'm all about.

But now that I've finished my studies and am trying to move on a new chapter in my life, I found out her words were true. I'm beginning to feel that I'm starting to have a purpose in life, and that I'm slowly making myself shine thanks to the never-ending support of my family and friends.

Life is a spiral. You may go back to the same point over and over, but you ARE MAKING PROGRESS. Slowly, but surely.

You WILL shine someday. Maybe not now, but keep your head up, keep on going, and you will shine.

Another thing I want to add:

Live up to your principles.

That's the only thing you can't give up! I want to tell you this:
"When wealth is lostnothing is lost;
when health is lost, something is lost;
when character is lost, all is lost."
- Billy Graham
Never EVER give in to peer pressure. Never mind if they call you killjoy! If it goes against your principles, and if you know in your heart that what you're doing is wrong... would that make you happy in the long run? Keep asking yourself what's in it for you in the long run, and not just temporary happiness.

Principles, dignity, and happiness are the only things that people can't take away from you. Why would you give them away for something so trivial like popularity? Fame? Just to be the talk of the town?

Remember... you're still young. Priorities change.

You CAN be somebody even by being yourself and living up to your principles. It's what makes you YOU. It's cool to try to fit in with the crowd. Although...

NEVER give up your principles just to fit in.

By all means, fit in! We are social beings, no matter how introverted we are. But if it means that you have to give up your principles... you're probably hanging out with the wrong people.


It means that they respect you enough. Another thing...


It may hurt... but you see, if your friends ACTUALLY care, they'd speak up and tell you off because THEY'RE AFRAID that you'd be hurt! Now if all they want is fun fun fun... be careful. Chances are, they may not deeply care for you.

Here's a tip:

Look at how people treat their enemies. Because if you get on their wrong side? THAT'S how they're gonna treat you.

Another thing...

Fighting for what you believe is right is more admirable.

I'm not a war freak. I know people have different interests, beliefs, principles, etc. and I respect that, which is why I am hoping that people respect me in return. I am Christian, but I will by no means, try forcing my beliefs on you. But I will ask you not to blaspheme my God in front of me. I'm honestly happy that you are all very respectful... thank you.

What I meant by fighting for what you believe is right, is that you don't go looking for trouble. People think that by looking for trouble, it's how they defend their beliefs. I am not even going to go in circles. I've seen this a LOT on the web, especially on sites like Tumblr. In fact, I need not go as far as Tumblr... even here in deviantART! Even in real life! Look around.

I'm not saying it generally, but it's what's surfacing. I know for a fact that THERE ARE MANY GENUINELY KIND PEOPLE, but it's those that aren't that show their faces with pride.

So many people disrespecting others... and you think that's funny? You feel proud of yourselves? I'm honestly disgusted AND sad that it's how you feel... then you'd expect that they treat you with respect too. That's not how it works.

If they're rude towards you, by all means you may defend yourself, but do it with diplomacy.

Don't stoop down to their level. We don't need their kind in this world. We need more kindness and understanding; very ideal, very cliche, but sadly a rarity.

People who know better, as much as it's hard to move on, try to make negative things to positive. It may take you long, probably years, but with the right mindset... you're going to find yourself having progress.

I know the trend today is to call yourself trash, and I... honestly don't know how that's funny. I honestly think that it's one way to make you laugh at yourself, some may not even take it seriously and just say "lol chill I don't even mean it"

ALL jokes start off with that.

"Lol I don't even mean it" but see? What once started as a joke, is what you're living out as because you don't even know but you're convincing yourself of it! You know the power of advertising? You're doing it to yourself.

Slowly but surely... you're convincing yourself to live out something. You may not realise it until it's too late.

Look, instead of putting yourself down, give yourself SMART goals:


Don't be a cloud cuckoo lander and dream of things that are impossibly ridiculous; give yourself actual goals that you will fulfill someday.

DON'T give yourself too much expectations
DON'T limit your happiness
BE HAPPY with what you have
MAKE THE BEST of what you have

Could I just say that the very fact that you have time and internet connection to even read this is a blessing alone? Yes, it is! For somebody typing this who lives in a third-world country... I am very well aware that you're indeed very lucky to even have those.

Listen, you may not have all the things in the world, but you definitely have something.

DON'T look at other's blessings

No matter how dark everything may get, just remember;

In sales, 1% chance of a customer buying your product is better than 0%

Now speaking about life:

Having 1% of getting better is ALWAYS better than 0%. As long as you're breathing and living, there's hope. Emotions are sometimes... maybe usually a traitor, but manage them well and think things rationally and you should be fine.

Me? I have the worst temper. I usually tend to let my feelings get the better of me... BUT. I always tell myself to THINK about my decisions.


In fact, choosing not to make a decision is a decision in itself.

Always choose to do what you believe is morally good; choose the lesser evil when worse to worst comes.

Also, when something bad happens to you, think of it as a blessing in disguise.

The difficult people you come across? Be grateful; they're showing you EXACTLY what you don't want to be, and they're helping you grow as a person. See, you'd grow stronger than ever before!

Don't wish them misfortune; wish instead for them to realise and learn of their wrongdoings, and be better persons.

Learn to forgive. It may take you a long while, but you have to learn to forgive to at least give yourself some inner peace.

I won't lie; it takes me very long to forgive someone. In fact, as much as I try to convince myself to forgive them... I can't. I just can't... not yet. Don't force yourself if you're not ready, but don't be stuck on being unforgiving. Forgiving doesn't mean you and the person/s in question need to be the way you were before; rather, you make peace for both your side and the other's side.

My friend helped me think of it this way:

These hardships are boss battles you gotta face. By the end of the boss battles, you'd be horribly drained; almost dead! But you see, you just gotta find that piece of heart to get yourself up and running again... and by the end, you're much stronger!

I'd also love to think that well... these bad things happen to me so I can help people someday. So that I can tell people straight in the eye, "YOU'RE NOT ALONE". So that I can do my best to help them, though I may not know the exact details of what they're going through.

Now if by any means, anyone wants to ask for advice, or just have somebody to talk to... don't worry, I don't bite. I WILL however say this; I'm horribly blunt and honest, but that's just how I am. I do NOT like shaming people. I am a private person. I am HORRIBLY disgusted by people who shame others, especially when I think they should know better.

Don't blow off another's candle for it won't make yours shine brighter.”
― Jaachynma N.E. Agu, The Prince and the Pauper

To be happy in life, be content with what you have. Don't put others down just to make yourself look better.


They're better than you in some things? Fine, but you're ALSO better than them in other things; you may just not have realised it yet.

Even if others look like they have everything... they don't.



Don't pressure yourself.

What is for you will come for you.

Chase after your dreams, but don't call yourself a failure if you don't meet them. Remember; what is best for you will come. You may want this one thing, but it may not suit you. OR, it may suit you, but it will only be given to you at the right time, when you are READY.

I am just another person from the web typing; but I'm hoping that with what I have written, I may have helped one way or another. I am NOT saying I'm 100% right, but I am speaking from experience. I am aware that I have still a lot to learn, but what I have learned so far, I would love to share it... because I will never know if I may have helped someone by simply sharing what I know.
All of these? Tagged by :iconaticum:
Yes. JUST ONE PERSON. You know you should apply for a minion

For all these, I tag nobody in particular. Feel free to do these tags as you wish! It's actually pretty fun.


-Pick 5 of your OCs
-Give them two possible deaths
-Tag people

ABA ito pa talaga yung naging una why do you hurt me like dis

Do you realise the first song of the day is sad because of this

ur dethpicableeee

Disclaimer: Some of these aren't exactly astronomically proven yet, so please don't base all your space facts on these! Facts change constantly, and this is just a bunny with a keyboard playing around with possible theories OR just plain playing with angst because bunnies love space ships.

And as for story-related spoilers? Well, not to worry! These are just "possible deaths" so that means this may not all really happen in the story.

Sirius A (star)

Ever see the brightest star in your night sky? That's him! He flashes in red, white, and blue, often called the "Rainbow Star" if not the "Dog Star".

Depression: With his partner not remembering him anymore, or any of the things they went through together... he may as well die of depression someday. Meaning, he may die as a white dwarf earlier than intended.

Supermassive black hole: Those black holes are hungry! If he's unfortunate to come across one and not escape, he shall be delicious. It's probably unlikely, though.

Sirius B (star)

Technically, he's already "dead" because he's a white dwarf. White dwarfs are astronomically dead stars, such that they have already burned off all their gases and only have their core remaining. (from a star roughly as big as the sun shrinking down to more or less as big as earth)

Black dwarf: Not astronomically proven yet, but it was said that white dwarfs cool down into this. Probably the ultimate end of the stars about the mass of the sun. Meaning, he would be finally laid to rest.

Black hole: Yep, and after all that, he gets double killed by a supermassive black hole.

PALLAS (asteroid)

This hurts

Love: HOW, you say? Love hurts. And according to rumours, he probably has feelings for Ceres. SOOOO. When (spoilers!) a certain red giant ends up killing all those dear to him and even after shrinking down to a white dwarf, Pallas will defend Ceres before she gets killed by the said berserk star. By doing this, he'll let himself die before letting her get hurt.

Asteroid mission: Asteroids sometimes go astray; some because they go berserk, some because they left their guard down. He could very well crash on somebody's territory and die on impact.

HDE 226868 (star)

Well... a star actively getting eaten by a black hole. Halfway through this I have no idea if people can understand what I'm typing haha

Submission: He finally submits to his black hole partner, Cygnus X-1, and dies as he gets completely drained by him.

Black Hole: He himself, turns into a black hole, and even in death both he and his partner finally become one.

Last but not the least...



Devoured by a red giant: He gets killed by a certain berserk red giant, as he doesn't escape his clutches and gets killed like his other fellow planets.

Dead on the inside: Even if he doesn't get devoured by a red giant... needless to say, he may die of depression. He will no longer be the proud blue marble by then, and he may have already lost the one most precious to him. He will not be the same Terrius everyone knew.

You are horrible
How dare you

1) You must post these rules. 
2) Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for the people you tag.
5) No tag-backs.
6) You can't say that you don't do tags.
7) You MUST make a journal entry! No comments.


1. What are your best skills?
Uhh... drawing and writing! Not sure about sewing, I haven't sewn in a loooong while now.

2. Do you like videogames/anime? Which is your favorite one?
I can't say everything! Else this would be a long novel. Lately I've been interested in Vocaloid, and lol idk but I'm so into Flow right now! I also love the Yume Nikki series, and I freakin love Free! (friendship anime with hot boys without getting too gay) and well... DMMd is cool! (freakin gay)

3. Favorite fictional character? (it can be anyone)
I'm fictionally married to Koujaku but I'll have to say my fav fictional characters would have to be my OCs. Nobody can love my own OCs like I do, so best shower them with love!

4. Favorite videogame/anime 'hero'?
I can't decide! I wonder... well, I love the heroes from the series I've mentioned above! That and more!

5. Favorite videogame/anime 'villain'?
I cannot decide. Villains are awesome! Maybe I'll say Vaati, but I have a lot others out there!

6. There is an apocalypse, for you which would be the worst apocalypse that could happen?
Me not fulfilling my dreams and well... being helpless. Kill me quickly but I'm claustrophobic any apocalypse involving me trapped with no escape is the worst ever.

Best apocalypse is bunny apocalypse. It signifies inaugurating me as the bunny overlord of the universe. :thumbsup:

7. What kind of music do you like?
I have a wide range of it! But I love anime/game OSTs, like Free! OST. KPop and JPop is lovely! I also love futuristic-sounding pop/eurobeat, etc. (?), which is why I love Vocaloid and Xi. Depending on my mood, I also love rock and classic. Or both!

8. How would you describe yourself? You can be explanatory is you want.
Warning: Cute, fluffy, and pink, but has a deadly temper. Keep out of reach of children.

9. What is the darkest thing you've ever done?
Ooh, I'd rather not talk about that here. I don't believe I've done anything super bad, but still. Hahaha besides nothing really comes to mind ^^;

10. Do you have any like for something that isn't considered 'normal' or sane?
Not considered normal: Space ships. Nobody would understand me irl if I said "OMG I FREAKIN SHIP JUPITER AND SATURN AREN'T THEY SO CUTE" because really??


MORE. And this is the last one!

→ Make a wishlist of what you want to let others know if they are planning make you something, then tag other people to find out their wishlist.

... Oh. Wow. :giggle:

Actually... I don't know what I want! Ummm
Any fanart of any of my OCs/alternate universes (fanfic-related) is fine! As long as it's not NSFW and rude, it's fine.

FEATURES! (gifts/art trade)

They're gorgeous! Because seriously I think I should have made a feature of this long long ago:

Vaati gets.. THE STARE!! by Jdan-S
by :iconjdan-s: my irl oniisan! Also also jdan-s on Tumblr!

.:My Fair Fraise:. by lexiepotter.:Wind's Eternal Lullaby:. by lexiepotter
by :iconlexiepotter:, my irl bestie since forever!

by :iconsakurayabuki:, also sakurakn1ght on Tumblr!

Under the moon by thejadephoenix1 Nature lover Terrius by thejadephoenix1
Dark little duo by thejadephoenix1
Gufuu by thejadephoenix1
Dragon Mei and Charon by thejadephoenix1 Night sky by thejadephoenix1
In spooooooooce by thejadephoenix1
by :iconthejadephoenix1: also also the-jade-phoenix on Tumblr!

Fuu-Chaan by Aticum
by :iconaticum: (with a mouse!)

Gufuu-Lips Like Morphine by AthenaxVio
by :iconathenaxvio:, under the same name in Tumblr!

May And Nani Hugging Ares by Coolio-Ryu
Ares cannot escape us!
by :iconcoolio-ryu:

Bunny Goddess of Kawaii Supremacy by Psychotic--Muffin
by :iconpsychotic--muffin:also psychotic-muffin on Tumblr!

:GIFT: ''Mad as two March Hares!!'' by AdorableEvil29
Two March Hares are better than one! Orange madness!
by :iconadorableevil29:also killer-cotton-candy on Tumblr!

Oh my goodness! Such lovely gifts! If I ever missed out anyone, I am so sorry! I may revise this once I sort out my favourites folder again!

But for those who want to see more lovely art

please visit my favourites:…
or please visit my gift collection (still getting organised)!:…

Some gifts are in different folders too, depends; some aren't in my gifts folder yet! So please be sure to check out their art, gift or not! They have lovely art! :heart:
Moon Rabbit albums would love to present...…

May your ears bleed and may you stand my singing. This was all part of a dare I did soooooo well, I had to see that coming. Love you guys, I'll be sending bunnies all over <3
  • Listening to: I shrink de moon
  • Reading: I GRAB de moon
  • Watching: I SIT on the toilet bowl
  • Playing: Flow
  • Eating: and I SHRINK TO DE MOON

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