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Chapter 40: We Shall Meet Again...

"Mommy… Daddy…"

I saw them, right in front of me… in the Minish Village, where everything is so serene and peaceful. I could hardly recognise them at first for my vision was blurry, but how could I not recognise them after seeing their tender faces smiling at me?

I was but a young Minish of six as I rushed to their arms and snuggled onto them. I had yearned for them… now that I had regained my childhood, I must make the best of it all…

"Vaati? Vaati…"


It was all too good to be true. I saw Link who held me in his arms as I woke up. I must have dozed off in the night. There was no sign of Daddy anywhere in the lonely cubicle. I reckon  Master Ezlo had been up all night for Mommy… he had cups of Styrofoam which I suppose he had used for his coffee.

"You sure had a nice sleep." chuckled Link at me. His smile was as radiant as ever… just like my father's.

"Why yes… yes, I did…" I tried to smile back at him, but I trailed off with a yawn.

I heard Link chuckle at me more hearing me yawn, and then handed me what seems to be a wrapped sandwich. He urged me to eat it for my breakfast…

"So… we did stay here in the hospital overnight?" I asked him as I ate.

"Well… they let us stay in a lounge-like room." he explained. "And then, I had to carry you all the way back here with Ezlo."

"Ah, I see…" But then I suddenly remembered about Daddy. "What about Daddy? Where is he?"

"Oh, Da… I mean, your dad?" Link smiled sheepishly as he was about to make a silly mistake back there. "Your dad went outside to take some fresh air. He said he'll be back in a jiffy, so don't worry."

That eased me up a bit. At least I know where my father is. I just hope he comes back soon…

Mommy.... I had worried so much for her that I almost didn't sleep the whole night.

I finished my sandwich when I heard the staff talk to a group of people outside.

"But we need to go there! Seriously!!!"

"Please, Mr. Guard? PLEAAAAASE?"

"I appeal to you, Sir. Please let us in. We are in dire need to see the patient."

"I'm afraid not. I'm sorry, but I can't let all of you in; especially without parental guidance. I'm just doing my job."

Those three voices sound familiar… ah, how silly of me not to recognise them the first time! Of course, who else could it have been but Blue, Red, and Vio! How thoughtful of them to go through all the trouble just so they could visit us…

"Please? Just this once?" I heard another voice. It was Grandfather Smith.

Everyone was here… but where's Daddy?

"Hey there!" Daddy suddenly appeared in front of me.

"DADDY!" I squeaked. He surprised me there, honestly speaking. "Daddy… they're all here."

"Of course," he said as he smiled at me. "I told them to come."

I was so happy to hear that. I had to leave Master and Link for a while so that I could talk with them. They have yet to gain admission for the ICU can only hold up until two to three visitors at a time. And so, I saved them the trouble and went out to meet them in the lobby.

The lobby was so classy and peaceful, as not much people were there. A pianist was there, playing a relaxing tune on the ivory keys. I suppose that he was a medical student, judging from his appearance... perhaps taking a break from his class. After all, the medical school was not too far from here. The chandelier that gave off a soft glow during the night before had slept this morning.

"Vaati, how's your mommy? Is she alright?" Red practically drowned me with hugs.

"I wish good health to your mother. I hope she gets well soon. I heard about everything." Vio said, his eyes filled with sympathy.

"Yeah, I mean…" Blue cleared his throat as he pulled out something from his back. "There. I saved up some money when I went to school to substitute Green… I was supposed to buy a new headset for myself, but…"

He showed a beautiful bouquet of roses and handed it over to me. He blushed and cleared his throat again.

"I… I hope she gets better soon, alright?"

I was deeply touched. He barely spoke to me and hung out with me, but he had a soft heart of gold hidden deep within that tough interior. I was left speechless at first, but then I felt myself blush as I gave him a sign of gratitude.

"Ah! Me too!" Red gave a bundle of small flowers gathered together with a pink ribbon. "I can't afford anything, so I decided to make you a bouquet myself! I hope it's alright, I picked it from my own garden…"

I smiled at the sweet boy. How utterly thoughtful, he even went through the trouble of making a simple bouquet of flowers for my mother… I giggled at the idea and also gave out my sign of gratitude for him.

"I couldn't forget this." Vio handed a little box to me, made entirely out of cardboard and decorative brown paper. "It's a box full of advices written on square paper cards. I found it in the mall… I hope it helps."

I opened it and read one…

"Dark as my path may seem to others, I carry a magic light in my heart. Faith illuminates the way. Although doubts lurk in the shadow, I walk unafraid toward the Enchanted Wood where foliage is always green; where joy abides; and where life and death are one in the presence of the Lord.

~Helen Keller"

Wow… it was quite the way to start my morning just right. A very profound maxim from the wisest of us all. I really admire him, I wish that someday I would be as strong and as dignified as he is. Thank you, Vio, for helping me to stand tall.

"I thought of an idea." Grandfather Smith spoke up. "I'm sure Link brought his laptop along… what do you say about we pray together during a certain hour?"

"How?" we all said in chorus.

"Well, Link will tell us; yes, that's you, me, Red, and Blue, when we can pray together at the same time. Vio, try to be online at…"

Grandfather Smith turned to me and gave me a look which asks, "When WILL we be able to pray together?"

"Ummmm…. perhaps around four in the afternoon." I suggested. Frankly, I was surprised that he knew of some... "techy" terms. Maybe Link had taught him before without me knowing? Anyway...

"I hear you."

I heard another voice, not coming from any of us. But I know just whose voice I heard…

"Daddy!" I said, looking up at him.

"Don't worry, Vaati… Master volunteered to take care of Mommy." he told me in such an assuring voice. "He told me that we must all go home… he said that we deserved a moment to ourselves."

I was excited to have a day with Daddy… just the two of us reliving the past. But, I thought, it wouldn't be fair if we're both having fun and Mommy is here in the hospital… all alone…

"Daddy… Mommy's not coming with us… I don't think it's fair to…"

"I see." Daddy told me. He seems to have read my thoughts. "Well, let's just go home. I think I will come back here later to watch over Mommy, alright?"

I nodded in agreement and went outside with my friends. Link was already outside; I suppose he had used the other door leading outside, for there were two doors leading to the ICU... so I didn't really notice him. He was looking at the beautiful entrance of the hospital; all adorned with precious gardens and a beautiful fountain.

"Ah, you're all here." Link said, turning to us.

"Yeah." Daddy answered. "Let's all go home… Master said so."

"B-But…!" Red began to protest. "But we haven't even seen your wife yet!"

Daddy just gave him a sweet smile and said that it didn't matter. All that mattered was that they cared for her and that they supported her recovery. Before we left, Daddy already gave their gifts to Mommy, I suppose by just seeing those, he was already deeply touched as I.

"So we'll go ahead now?" Blue asked, looking up at Daddy and Grandfather.

The two just nodded at him. He looked around; looking at the other three alter egos of his and asked, "Well, where do we go now?"

"Please, Mr. Smith… Vaati and I will catch up to you guys. We're just going to have a… a father-and-son talk."

Grandfather understood and nodded and then went along with my other friends. They waved goodbye to me and said that they will be waiting back at home for me. I nodded and grinned at them, feeling so warm that I have such thoughtful friends.

Now that the both of us were alone… he took me to a field a bit far from the large hospital. It was a lone, serene field… bearing a resemblance to Gufuu's dream place.

"Vaati…" Daddy turned to me. "Vaati… I want you to show me this power of yours I had heard of."

"H-Huh?" I was so astonished… I knew that he might have possibly heard of it... especially during that fight with Dusk, but why so random? Why did he ask me all of a sudden? "Why, Daddy?"

"Just… just do it, my son…"

I saw that he was so serious about it… I looked up at the heavens and raised my hands. I closed my eyes and concentrated. After a while, I felt the winds I summoned caress me… the very same winds that have accompanied me through the years… my faithful companion.

I opened my eyes to take a peek at Daddy, who stared at me in awe. Why would he be left in such a stare, I wonder? I know that he was a greater magician than I…

"Vaati… oh my God, Vaati…" he said, with a blank face. But I swear that I saw tears flowing from his eyes.


"Vaati, my son… Vaati… oh my God…" was all he could say as he broke down in tears. "Don't you realize what you have just done?"

Realise? What is there for me to realise? I have called upon the winds… I'm sure that is a pretty common thing for him since he IS a fellow magician, a senior at that.

"Daddy, what do you mean?"

"… Tell me… have these winds been with you ever since?"

I nodded immediately. "Yes, Daddy… although they have changed over the years. For the first years, they seemed rather harsh; but these latter years, they are so benevolent that I swear I could sleep in their cool and relaxing embrace."

"These latter years…" he repeated. "Vaati… try to feel the winds even more… you'll see what I mean…"

I decided to follow his advice and close my eyes while feeling the winds around me. It felt so caressing, so serene, so benevolent…

And then a sudden image of my mother crossed my mind. A very beautiful smiling face; a warm, charming smile…

"M-Mommy?!" I suddenly blurted out.

"You see…? You were never alone…" Daddy told me.

What? No, it couldn't be. That's absurd! I can never accept that… or wait, is it really…? Is it really absurd? I gave it some thought… I don't think it was… I thought it was the most logical thing I had ever thought of at the moment.

Mommy… had been with me all these years? Did she replace those harsh winds with her… her soul…? Or... or WAS she the harsh winds I felt from my days as a villain, reprimanding me for being such a bad boy...?

Mommy… so you were the wind that caressed us all these times…

"So that's why the winds always seemed to caress me in times of anguish…" I said, almost choking because of my tears streaming down my face uncontrollably.

"And she was the wind I felt when I had my fight with Nhaav… as if she was telling me not to proceed…" Daddy added, trying so hard to hold his tears in, but failed miserably.

It couldn't be… then she saw all that had happened to us…? I bet… I bet she saw this coming… Mommy just couldn't let me all by myself… I can't believe it… and here I thought she was clueless in the hospital, but…

"Mommy…" I cried again. "Mommy, please hug me now… I long for you…"

I felt the winds around me, as if carrying me in an embrace. My mother… my mother was in these winds, I just know it. She's here with me and Daddy…

How I wish I could bring her back to her physical form and be in her genuine embrace… I miss her… all those years ago… how could I ever bring her back from that coma…?

For now, Daddy and I stayed in that field, hanging out with Mommy as we lied on the grass. I swear that we had dozed off for I remember that this all happened during daytime. When I came to, I saw that the skies were already turning a slight hue of orange, and so I woke up my Daddy and urged him to go.

"Yeah… Mommy probably left already for now… she must be tired." Daddy told me and grabbed my hand.

Just like old times, he led the way as he held my hand. From time to time, he looked down at me and smiled. I remember the days… he used to take me to his work. How I would love to turn back time and relive those memories…


I still could not bring myself to believe what I had done just a while ago. I mean, what the heck? Now I got that red idiot looking at me and blushing.

"WHAT?!" I yelled at him, but felt guilty not long after. "I'm… I'm sorry."

I'll get in trouble if I yell at him any further. Heck, he's got Grandpa and Vio… and maybe even Green! And me, where's my Dark? Where's MY backup? FFFFFFFF…

Anyways, I still couldn't believe that I had given Vaati his bouquet of flowers for his mom. The truth is; I hated him all my life all these times. I knew that he wasn't all bad 'nymore the first time Green welcomed him in the group, but I still couldn't bring myself to welcome him fully.

Look, I know it's weird not to have any friends but your alter egos, but see? See how different we are? I could swear we're all different people… especially that Vio. I can't believe he's part of me. That killjoy. But you know what? If he heard me speaking right now, he'd say the same thing.

He couldn't believe that such a dumbass like me is part of him as well.

Heh, don't get me wrong, but I love the guy. Thanks to this crazy adventure we had, I have begun to understand everyone a bit more.

Red… he's a strong person. Probably stronger and fiercer than all of us if he wasn't so immature. Hmph, well anyways. I guess that's just his charm.

"We're just gonna wait for Vaati, huh?" I asked them. "Aren't we gonna wait for Dark?"

"Well, I told him we're having dinner altogether. He's coming with Gufuu and Nhaav." Green answered me.

I decided to just rest for a while. I went to the back of the house, where I saw Vio just sitting there, teaching lessons to Red whom I never noticed go out of the door after I apologized to him.

Some time alone, eh? Well, it's better than having to go to school again. Seven. Crappy. Hours. Of. Our. Lives. That pretty much explains it. Face it, I never was the school person around here. I bet Vaati's gonna be one. It almost looks like he and Vio could get along well… I couldn't understand their lingo sometimes. Nerd lingo? Geek lingo? Hah, I dunno. It's not my thing. Maybe I'll call it Vio lingo. He's the founder of such talk.

Okay, maybe not... but he's the only person I hear speaking like that on a normal basis.

I'm just thankful that though Dark IS smart, he's not speaking Vio lingo.

I decided to just lay down on the grass under the tree that the four of us usually sleep under. I got a small stalk of Bahia grass and put it in my mouth, like what I mostly do. It relaxes my tense mind and helps me forget about all my troubles.

As I gazed up the heavens, trying to meditate… I thought I saw a bird fly over me. I was a bit uneasy about it, since I don't want any bird crap on my face; especially not in my –ugh!- mouth. Not when I'm about to yawn. Eew. Eew. EEEEEWWW. Totally gross, it's like saying "Bull's eye! I shot my crap in the hero's mouth!"

Those thoughts occupied my mind until I saw what kind of a bird it was…

A robin. A little robin.

Because of everything that had happened, my viewpoint of a robin has completely changed. Thanks a lot, Vaahn. Thanks a lot, Vaati. I stared at it until it came back to its nest. I saw their nest; it was on a tree that was just next to the tree that I laid down under.

It had a mate and a little nestling. I wanted to show Red the little birds. I knew that he'd really enjoy looking at them… but he was busy studying with Vio. And even though I wanted to, I could not move for some reason. My eyes were fixed on the robin's nest.

They look so happy. I… I can sort of imagine what Vaati's life could have been if it weren't for that incident.

Although, if that didn't happen; I wouldn't be recognized as a hero since there is no terror wind mage. And most importantly…

…We would never have met him. No Ezlo, no Vaahn, no Vaati.

I guess bad things eventually lead to good things after all.


… I stared at him as he looked at the robin's nest while I waited for Vio to teach me. He went in for a while to prepare some milk and cookies to energize us a bit. I was really bored, but what could I do? I don't want to fail in math! I wish I was as smart as Vio so I wouldn't need to study! Or maybe Dark… I wish I was as cool as he is so I wouldn't be caught copying my seatmate's paper!

…B-But… Vio told me it was bad… I'll have to really study. It's for my own good anyway, he said. I wonder what to take up someday when I go to college. It's all up to Green, but if I were to choose…

That's right. Medicine. I want to help those poor people in the hospital! I feel so sorry for them that every time I go to a hospital, I cry seeing people in stretchers. Really! I'm not kidding! I don't care if they say studying medicine is hard, I just want to help those poor people!

Ooh, I want those milk and cookies now… just thinking of poor Vaati's mom makes me wanna cry. I mean, here I am, all happy and able to move and there she is, lying down on one of the beds helplessly… Vio told me that everything exists for a reason… but what the heck are diseases and illnesses made for? And why is it that they mostly seem to target good people just like his mom?? It's not fair!!!

"VIOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" I called out… I just couldn't take it anymore!

"Red!" he burst out of the backdoor holding a tray of milk and cookies with just a single hand. He could be a steward with that kind of balance, heehee~

I cried on him as soon as he let the tray down on our table. I could not help but think about Miss Tishah, Vaati, and Mister Vaahn. Poor them! As soon as Mommy and Daddy come home, I'll make sure to tell Green not to seal us in the Four Sword so that we'll surprise them! I could almost imagine us saying, 'MOMMY, DADDY, YOU'VE GOT QUADRUPLETS!'

I giggled at the idea and Vio felt it.

"Are… you sure you're okay, Red?" he asked me with a face so weirded out.

I chuckled at the idea again. But then I remembered Miss Tishah....

"Hahahahaha…. waaaaaaaaah!!! Hahahahaha… waaaaaaaaaaaah!!!"

I gotta admit, even I thought of myself as weird that time; laughing and crying at the same time? That very idea made me laugh again… but upon remembering Vaati, I cried on Vio yet again…

"Red…" Vio said, his voice a bit annoyed. "Make up your mind. If you want to cry; cry. If you want to laugh; laugh. You can't do both at the same time… if you want to be called normal, that is…"

… I gave it a thought. Right. I know just what to do.


Vio comforted me and patted my back. He was so warm… so brotherly, fatherly, and motherly all at the same time. I wish I could be as mature as he is. I mean, I think I envy him a lot. He's so smart, dignified, refined, nice, talented… and he's even good-looking! He's got everything! He could make "Link" look good in his choice of style. Just. Classyyyyy~

But of course, I won't think too much of it. That will only make both of us feel bad when I do something out of envying him.

Hmmm…. maybe it's time for a little break from studying math. Vio seemed to be distracted and just closed our algebra notebooks.


Oh, Red…

How utterly innocent you are. If only you knew that as knowledge increases; happiness decreases. Sometimes I have envied your light-hearted and childlike behavior; it has inspired me to look at the brighter side of things.

All these times I had been worrying for Green and Vaati. I'm sure Green's mind is very restless as of now thinking about how he could help Vaati… Vaati, on the other hand, is not the type to abuse opportunities and kindness of people towards him. That young magician, I'm sure, does not want us to be involved in this… although, what could he do?

As for Blue, I know a lot has been going in his mind lately… he's not making fun of Red anymore as usual. Now, I'm thinking about Dark as well… just what happened all these times he was with Gufuu and Nhaav? And about Grandpa… what will he do to help? I'm just worried for him…

Nhhh… this is what I'm talking about…

I'm thinking too much. This is probably why I look like the eldest among them, although I am just the same age as each and every Link.

Just analyzing myself in this journey, I could really say that Blue is… Link's strong point. He's the ego in him that keeps him going in times of trials. Yes, Blue is annoying in my point of view, but he's pretty nice in a way. He's the fire in our group; that one encourager in Link's life. But note to self: don't tell him that I thought of that. Never. Ever.

… Maybe not for the time being, anyway. I'll just bloat up his ego and it'll do him no good.

Red is more of the childlike attribute of Link. He's the ego that makes Link cheer up in times of depression and sadness. I could remember how sad I was when Mom and Dad left to work in different countries… but Red cheered up the whole being of Link. He's amazing like that, I wish he'd just realize that and stop aspiring to be someone he's not.

As for me… well, I'm the logical side of Link. I make him think cleverly and realistically in dealing with problems; academically speaking and practically speaking. I know… I am a potential killjoy but I just couldn't help it. It's just the way I am… after all, it's my role in Link's being. I am just doing my job.

Dark… Dark, or Shadow, is literally Link's shadow; but he's more of that mysterious, enigmatic type that keeps Link's secretive traits. Sometimes I wonder if Link's hardships are too much for him to bear. If we light beings of Hyrule suffer… think about our shadows. They suffer twice our pain, for we stash all our pain, hidden or not, into them. Poor shadows, living a life of pain. This is why I believe that each of us is important to contribute to Link's life as a being.

Now, what to do…? I want to help Vaati and Green… Vaati… where could he be? It's almost dusk! Dusk… Dawn… I wonder what happened to them… huh…? Oh, here I go again…

I think too much.


Well, I'm glad that all this mess is finally over. I wonder if Dawn really died… I swear I dreamt of him just last night.

He was so happy; he beamed at me so sweetly… his face was so innocent. Was that the Dawn that Gufuu had been talking about? Anyway, in my dream, he approached me. And you know what he did?

He showed me the kinstone he and I fused together in my part of our solo adventures. We were in Gufuu's special memory of a garden here in Hyrule. I was so touched that I didn't know what to do or think at that very moment.

Going back to reality, I found my own pillow wet that morning. That was when Dark told us the good news. Thank goodness that no one noticed I cried in my sleep for I woke up the earliest that daybreak (for once).

When Dark told us about the pill, we immediately went to the guest room where the Hylian-Minish people stayed… I couldn't believe that Vaahn and Nhaav looked so much like they were only sleeping. When we touched their bodies, they were still warm… this very instance made us think twice if they were indeed dead.

I guess Vaati and Gufuu shared their warmth with their fathers, so that's why they felt so warm.

We silently helped Dark make Vaahn swallow the pill. It was the pill of life… Dark told me that he foresaw that someone would be slain in the battle… he feared that it could be him, or me, or Vaati… or anyone at all. But truth be told, he never expected much about Vaahn's death coming.

It took just a few minutes for us to hear Vaahn's groans upon his awakening. It was as if he only woke up from a very deep slumber. We were so happy that we almost cheered; but we stuck to the plan that we'll have to surprise the two mages.

We told Vaahn about the plan, as well as Nhaav who was revived through Vaahn's revival. We told them that we had to go out and surprise their sons when they wake up… but it turned out that they didn't take it too well, especially Gufuu (I should've seen that one coming).

I almost felt guilty playing with Vaati's heart like that. But I just knew that he'd be so happy after that sad moment of his, not witnessing his father's "burial". All's well that ends well, I guess.

Now the only things playing in my mind are… what of Dawn and Tishah? What will, or has become of them?

I could only hope and pray for Tishah's recovery…


Well, I'm going back to the Light Realm with Fuu-chan and his dad to have DINN3R with Link and Grandpa and the others. Am I glad this is all over!

I can finally move about freely, not worrying about a lot of things unlike before. Keeping secrets made me feel so heavy and burdened deep inside. Playing nice and playful while I'm actually dying deep inside… it's not an easy task. You have no idea how hard it is to be me. Just like Superman, "It's not easy to be me." Seriously.

Having confided everything to my light self, I feel unbelievably light deep inside… it's as if my burden of carrying a sack of shat Buckingham bricks became little fluffy feathers which I believe Red will dive in head first. Pansy.

But I must admit that pansy really showed off his guts! He's got a hidden bravery in his little heart somewhere.

Now I'm just waiting for Fuu-chan and Nhaav to get themselves ready as I open up the portal of a mirror here. I just hope no one else sees me, or my secret's done for…

No one knows that I AM that Shadow Link that they have damned and cursed, after all. I really can't believe that they haven't found me out. Wait, who am I to complain... it kinda sounded like I wanted them to find me out. Well, anyways. Thank goodness.

To think that I have the real Dark Mirror in my closet. I am so thankful Fuu-chan didn't mind me that time I dragged it all the way upstairs when he stayed in my house in the Shadow Realm. He even asked me if I had a large visitor with me. Hahaha thank you, TV, with your detective show and movie marathon, for keeping Fuu-chan so distracted~

Dusk… Dawn… how come I didn't find that out for myself? That's why he seemed so different from me, although I never admitted it until now. Anyway, I hope that he's happy wherever he is. To tell the truth, I don't know if he really disappeared for good or not.

Here they come. Nhaav… I really can't believe you're already thirty-eight years old. You look so young… I guess that's one of the attributes of a Minish… or just living the Minish way. Just think… healthy food and environment each day. It's no wonder they're so healthy! I mean, Ezlo's a geezer but he still has the guts and strength to kick my shins so hard, my legs are bruising. Ow… and THIS is why I wear tigh... I MEAN, pants.

What? It's time to go already? Fine. I hope we have a happy dinner.



Shadows willingly going into the Light Realm to have dinner and spend time with their counterparts... I really can't believe that all this is happening. My mind had been instilled with the view of the Light Realm as nothing but a world to conquer with darkness, as I had been raised by Master Ezlo of whom they called Elzo for the sake of our counterparts.

"Dark, gently please!" I almost whined as he pulled my wrist excitedly.

"Hah, I thought that your daddy was also done preparing, but it seems that he still has to tie his hair in a ponytail." he smiled at me, almost jeering. "But hey, come with me for a while, Fuu-chan... I wanted to show you something."

I wanted to stay so that Daddy would not worry so much... but I also wanted to go with Dark. He just smiled back at me, as if telling me that it will be fine, as if telling me that he really wanted me to come with him. With a face like that, how could I say no? I simply nodded and let him take me to wherever he wanted to...

I was tad surprised when we went through the mirror, as I thought that we were going to a different place... the mirror was the only path for us to go to the Light Realm to meet up with Link and Vaati.

And would you believe it, my dearest raven took me to the place I loved the most... the white garden of roses. Why do I love the place so much, you say? It isn't only because I find it beautiful, no... but it is where I met the real Dark for the first time, and at the same time, the place that Dawn and I shared our special moments together. Sure, I call the person a wanker at some times, but I don't really hate him... I actually love him in a way that he's such a caring soul deep inside, unbelievably kind and selfless than what anyone could imagine of him.

Those times when I first met him was after he rescued me from my death just a year ago... he had made a crown of roses with trimmed thorns for me after I told him that I was so frustrated with everything. His hands bled, but he really didn't care. He told me that just as long as I am happy, he is happy. He told me that he will never leave me, no matter what happens and drew me to an assuring embrace. There I realised that there was more to Dark... he was merely trying to be an optimistic outrageous soul to make up for what had happened in the past.

Maybe that's why I like him so much... maybe it's the same reason Vaati is so fond of Link as his friend...

Maybe it's because he became a brother and a father I never had. Dark... I owe you a lot... I'm so sorry about this whole mess I caused... I'm sorry, Dawn... Dusk... everyone...

"You okay?" he said, wrapping an arm around me as he picked a black rose for me.

"I... where did you get that?"

"I just found it by the fountain's side. I thought you might like it."

He gave me the black rose. I smiled back at him... yes, I wasn't wrong choosing him as my friend. He just makes me so happy deep inside without him realising it. I felt so relaxed in his arms that I just rested in them while watching the gentle wind... or Mommy... sweep the lovely white petals around us. Indeed, it is not the quantity of friends I am looking for, but the quality... I think I just hit a platinum mine when I met him... my one and only trusted friend...

After he took me to that place as we waited for Daddy, we went back to fetch Daddy and have dinner with everyone else. It was a quaint feast, as Daddy's light counterpart helped Grandpa Smith cook for us. As always, it was simple yet scrumptious. They did suggest that we go and sleep over with them, but we simply couldn't since we have to take care of Mommy back home. Master Elzo was going home that night to take care of his spells and magic, so we had no choice but to watch over her in his stead... not that I don't want to, of course.

And so, we bade farewell... to my best friends, Dark, Link, and Vaati... I will always love you, my friends.


Before we left for the evening, we had a blast, if I may say so myself. We did eat dinner together that night, and I must say I enjoyed it. It was the first time I didn't need to cook for myself, hehehe.

"Daddy, Vaati and I made something for you!"


My son Gufuu was holding a platter with my son from the Light Realm. I was just beside my light self, and I must say it felt awkward, seeing double me's and double Vaati's. But anyway, that aside... I did feel curious as they approached Vaahn and I.

My son lifted the lid and grinned at me widely.

…......... What WAS it?

"Go ahead, Daddy.... we made it special!"

I looked at Vaahn and urged him to take the first bite as I got my fork. He was hesitant and looked back at me in the same manner, but I forced him to take the first bite. I surreptitiously threatened him with my fork, letting out a grimace. Surely enough, he gave in. Hah, weak.

"It's..... good...." he said as he slowly chewed his first bite. I could see tears as he closed his eyes...

Was it because it was so good? Let me try it......




I immediately ran out of the house and retched. I was cursed with a weak stomach you see, and so whenever my wife drove butterflies back when we were Minish, I always barfed for she was a really speedy yet careful driver. Sometimes reckless, though. But still... divebombing to the ground with butterflies.....


I heard a voice just behind me. My eyes widened, and then I slowly turned to see him...

"S-son... what is it...?"

He pouted at me and made like a child, about to throw his tantrums. Oh wait, too late, he was already throwing them.

"I-it tasted bad, didn't it??" he cried like there was no tomorrow.

Of all the things to inherit from you mother, why... oh WHY, wasn't it the ability to cook? Thank goodness I know how to cook, or we're both goners.

Nonetheless, he's my son after all... to tell the truth, my heart melted when he cried like that, and so I hugged him tightly, as I told him that it was okay.

"Don't worry, my son... you'll get it someday... I know you can cook... errr... those chocolate pancakes."

He told me almost in a whisper, "They were supposed to be vanilla muffins..."

I was left speechless... my son isn't going to take HRM (Hotel and Restaurant Management) as his course in college. NEVER. Or else he will never graduate. Oh, Gufuu... don't worry... you're good at other things. For one, you're really smart, sweet, and good-looking. Like me.

Self-conceited, yes. Nah, just kidding you.

"Say, Gufuu... or should I say, Vaati?"

He wiped his tears and smiled at me, for once hearing his real name. Shadows bear the name of their owners in our own realm, but since there was just the two of us... why not call the name I gave him as a child?

"Yes... Daddy Vaahn...?" he smiled at me so sweetly, trying to hold his tears in.

"What do you say we spend some father-and-son time? Just the two of us?"

He was so excited as he tried to jump on my shoulders. I lowered my head and assisted him on my shoulders, as he held on tight. He was so happy as he giggled like a child, like the Vaati I left all those years ago...

"Go and get them, Anty!" he squealed as he pointed at the road before us, just outside the front yard of Link's house.

"Yes, master!" I said, running off at a considerable speed. I heard my son squealing in joy... and that alone was music to my ears.

As we spent our time together, I swear that the wind just got gentler and cooler around us...

That evening, we returned to the Dark Realm and I cuddled my son to sleep... I bet Vaahn did the same to his son, too back in their own realm. Anyway, that was the best night I ever had in years. Finally spent time with my son... I'm so happy.


It wasn't until my son Vaati twisted and turned so violently in his sleep that I woke up that early morning to shake him. Surely enough, he woke up. I immediately asked him if he was alright. You know what? It puzzled me for he said that he can't remember a thing about his dream.

Well, I'm just glad that he was alright. I had to wake up early, anyway. It was my turn to cook for the family until we go back home to the Minish world. It was only fair that I do it before Mister Smith wakes up and does it himself, it's embarrassing for me. I told my son about it and…

"D-Daddy… I… I'm not sure I want to leave Link and Dark…"

I just stared at him for a while… after all, who would've thought that my little boy had some people that he finally trusted besides us? I was so happy for him, but at the same time, I felt so touched that my little boy was indeed growing up…

"You don't have to if you don't want to." I told him.

He looked at me with worried eyes; eyes that I don't want to see from him for any normal parent would want to see his/her child always happy.

"But Daddy, I want to stay with you! Really!" he told me, almost crying. I think he felt guilty.

"Vaati." I said firmly. "Don't cry. It's good to let out your feelings; but I don't want you to grow up as a crybaby."

I sighed and continued, "I need to go back to Master after a week, or we'll have no means of livelihood…" I looked at him again, full of hope that my son will never let me down. "Vaati, take care of Mommy while I'm gone… alright?"

He wiped his tears with his sleeve and gave me a determined look upon hearing me say this. That boy… he loves his mother so much, I think that he loves her more than anyone else in the world. Oh, Tishah, if only you can see your son now…

Wait. She had been with him all these times, just right under our noses. It took me a while before I realized that Vaati's "wind" was actually my wife's soul, wandering away from her body. It's just a miracle that she's not considered dead despite her wanderings around.

Going back… as I cooked breakfast downstairs after I had a little talk with Vaati, I suddenly remembered…

What did my son dream about? Will I ever know?


Today after Daddy cooked breakfast and we ate together with Link and the others, I went out to the beautiful garden my alter ego Gufuu had always been talking about. That very same garden we were transported to as we left the Shadow Realm unconsciously.

I felt Mommy again… she caressed me so gently, I swear I just want to rest in her arms forever. But… she's but the wind… I wish I could bring her back, somehow.

Now I remember my childhood days… this was the very same way she caressed me during my times of anguish back in the village. And just last night, I could vaguely remember her beautiful singing voice in my dreams… her voice was as angelic as the beautiful Mayfly fairy… that fairy of which we always admired. We attended all the concerts of the fairies…

But I never knew of their sad lives until Master told me about it. My parents didn't want me to find out in such a young age of the bitter reality of their lives, I suppose…

My mother… I don't want her to end up the same way… I know she can do it! I know she's just sleeping…

That is why, when I grow up, I'll make sure that I have a stable and a beautiful life. I'll be super rich too! I'll pay the doctors any amount, I just want them to bring Mommy back… money can be earned once more, but a lost life is forever lost…

Speaking of my dreams… I know what happened after her mellifluous singing… I just dreamt of it once again.

I had fallen asleep again, I just know it. In my subconsciousness, I can somewhat feel that I was gently lifted up in the air by the winds. It felt as if... as if Mommy was cradling me in her arms, or she was gently swinging me back and forth like the cradle swing or the "duyan" as we fondly called it back in the Minish world. And as I trod off to my dreams, I felt as if she sang me a lullaby... the winds' eternal lullaby.

Now I am back in the workshop with my father as a young Minish child. I remember that day when Daddy took me to the workshop for the first time…

He was with Master in a magic room as I was l was left all alone to ogle at all the books and potions and stuff…

That particular little potion I once held in my tiny hands… that potion in the heart-shaped bottle that I wanted to bring home to Mommy…

I must get it. I must go back to the world of the Minish.

I suddenly realised that it was the same potion of which Dark had used on Daddy. It was the very same pink potion of life!

I raced back to the woods and prepared myself of what to say to Master… but I failed to. I was still asleep, after all. But when I DO wake up from my slumber, I swear the first thing I will do is to get that potion.

I can almost see it… the Minish Village, our house, all my toys, Mommy cooking the most delectable food, and Daddy resting on his favourite chair from an exhausting day of work. Mommy would be there to make us feel all better, and Daddy to cheer us up.

We will be together again… just wait for me… Mommy… Daddy…
And here comes Chapter 40... I hope you guys like it. :aww:


Link to full-sized image ---> [link]


Memories and Moments

Table of Chapters~

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Chapter 2: Link, Dark, and Shadow Link ---> [link]
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Chapter 10: The Odd Trio… ---> [link]
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Chapter 30: My Little Traitor ---> [link]
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Chapter 38: My Family... ---> [link]
Chapter 39: A Father’s Journal ---> [link]
Chapter 40: We Shall Meet Again... ---> [you are here]
Epilogue ---> [link]
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