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Tigress Lei: LUNGE by MayJasmine Tigress Lei: LUNGE :iconmayjasmine:MayJasmine 10 5 Tigress Lei: Tiger Stripes by MayJasmine Tigress Lei: Tiger Stripes :iconmayjasmine:MayJasmine 9 5 Comic: Scars by MayJasmine Comic: Scars :iconmayjasmine:MayJasmine 11 11
First Date :Undertale: ONESHOT
First Date (Madstablooky ; Chocovanilla)
Madsta stood a few feet away from two automatic glass doors. He closed his eyes for a while and tried to recall everything that had transpired earlier today.
Earlier today, he was panicking in their household. Shysta had to calm him down and help him... he was preparing for a special event, he said. And both cousins sat it out a bit so that he can prepare for this special event that he was talking about. He was finally in his “fashion mode”, where his body was more anatomically correct so he can wear some decent clothes for the said event.
And that special event...
Madsta gulped as he woke back to the reality that he was standing a few feet before the doors. They were the glass doors to Mettaton's hotel...
… he was going to do it. He was going to ask him for a date.
Him. Napstablook. He was going to ask Napstablook for a date.
And that's what got him nervous.
This could make or break any hints of love.
He was sure that h
:iconmayjasmine:MayJasmine 5 9
[Undertale] Madstablooky: Wish UR My Love by MayJasmine [Undertale] Madstablooky: Wish UR My Love :iconmayjasmine:MayJasmine 11 1 [ORIGINAL] Dystopian Series: Vaahn by MayJasmine [ORIGINAL] Dystopian Series: Vaahn :iconmayjasmine:MayJasmine 7 3 [ORIGINAL] Dystopian Series: Nhaav by MayJasmine [ORIGINAL] Dystopian Series: Nhaav :iconmayjasmine:MayJasmine 6 5 [Undertale] Madstablooky: Noche Buena! by MayJasmine [Undertale] Madstablooky: Noche Buena! :iconmayjasmine:MayJasmine 23 4 [ORIGINAL] Dystopian Series: world.execute(me) by MayJasmine [ORIGINAL] Dystopian Series: world.execute(me) :iconmayjasmine:MayJasmine 9 6 [ORIGINAL] Dystopian Series: Pastel by MayJasmine [ORIGINAL] Dystopian Series: Pastel :iconmayjasmine:MayJasmine 14 1 [ORIGINAL] Dystopian Series: Nickel by MayJasmine [ORIGINAL] Dystopian Series: Nickel :iconmayjasmine:MayJasmine 8 5 [ORIGINAL] Dystopian Series: Erion by MayJasmine [ORIGINAL] Dystopian Series: Erion :iconmayjasmine:MayJasmine 9 3 [ORIGINAL] Dystopian Series: Axel by MayJasmine [ORIGINAL] Dystopian Series: Axel :iconmayjasmine:MayJasmine 6 3 [ORIGINAL] Dystopian Series: Via by MayJasmine [ORIGINAL] Dystopian Series: Via :iconmayjasmine:MayJasmine 9 5 [ORIGINAL] Dystopian Series: Mimi aka Maria by MayJasmine [ORIGINAL] Dystopian Series: Mimi aka Maria :iconmayjasmine:MayJasmine 11 3
[ORIGINAL] Dystopian Series: Introduction
In the distant future...
Legends tell of how the world was destined to end in the hands of man... but wise sages sought to battle that, and thus the world was saved.
Since the wise sages had fought, the world had since then divided itself... many people chose to survive on the plains, and yet some chose to go against the harsh conditions. Many of these people died fighting for what they wanted to believe in... a better life than what they may face as the earth continued to become less and less habitable.
These people endured, pushed on, and were never seen or heard of again.
It was rumoured that these people either died, or have founded their own society.
And it was rumoured that they called their place “Utopia”. Nobody has ever seen or heard of it, or proven its existence at all, but people have since passed the legend on as if it were a truth to be proclaimed.
“Utopia was a land free of worries, overflowing with blessings. A prosperous land ruled by non-corrupt l
:iconmayjasmine:MayJasmine 5 9
Please enjoy taking a look at my gallery! :dance:


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MERRY CHRISTMAS, EVERYONE!!!!! Love and joy from the Philippines! Christmas Tree :love: Christmas Tree  
It's easier to see Madstablooky (chocovanilla) moments now in my Twitter moments... please check it out!…
Would anyone still be interested if I wrote more chapters for ACID tears?

It had been put on hold for many personal reasons, but I feel like I could get back to it one of these days.

In any case I'll still continue it, I just wanted to know if anyone's still interested.
mark your calendars - the 15th of every month is the official MONTHSARY date of MADSTABLOOKY

Madstablooky is official af

monthsary = month "anniversary"
I wanted a new journal for 2018.

I'm hyped for this new year! It's going to be the year of the dog, and the new year's day this year is Feb. 16.

I'll probably try to catch up with more Madstablooky things (as well as their reincarnations), as well as some more Chinese Zodiac things! :love:

As promised, here's my account.

meijasmine on

I use it to put up details and well... refsheets, about my OCs. Not every one of my OCs is there yet, I still have tons I haven't put up. Please keep an eye out for more updates; I sometimes put up new refsheets and bios up there!

Probably there will be a few more updates in the future! Thank you so much for the ongoing support.

I hope you're all doing fine. Bless you all! :heart:


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*HUUUUUUUUUUUUUG* i still love you and ur art!!! ur still my idol even after all these years <3333333333
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You are one of the best artists, and I really like your Undertale and Solar System artwork! :)
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l-e-t-u-m Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Happy to have found you, May. Let it be known that you've influenced some of my work! Well, style-based, I suppose, but your stories from long ago, like, 2012 long ago, pushed me to create this little death-filled series I call 'Letum'.

It's 'thesnoiper', by the way.

Thank you for everything, and I look forward to your future projects! 
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